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Corsair Sea Dog Set
Corsair Sea Dog Set Male.png
Type Cosmetic Set
Related Order of Souls
Cost 39,850 Gold.png

The Full Set with the Corsair Sea Dog Dress.

The Full Set with the Corsair Sea Dog Shirt.

The Corsair Sea Dog Hair and Beard set.

Corsair Sea Dog Set Items are for Pirates who value getting their hands dirty in either close combat or ship battles. Before the Sea Dogs set up shop in the Arena, the Sea Dog look was the look of the Order of Souls with some of them requiring a certain Reputation rank with the Order. All Sea Dog items used to be only purchasable from Outposts in The Wilds Region. As of the Anniversary Update, all Sea Dog Item variants can be purchased at all Outpost Shops.

The Corsair Sea Dog Set is a unique Sea Dog look that does not include separate Weapon, Equipment or Ship Cosmetics, as the colour scheme fits the Ruffian Sea Dog Set Items. Therefore only Clothing and Vanity Items are available. The Corsair Sea Dog Shirt gets covered up by the Corsair Sea Dog Jacket, which is in turn covered by the Corsair Sea Dog Dress.

A red, green and brown "Crimson" version of this Set can be purchased from the Black Market.

Set Components[]

Clothing Items[]

  • Total Cost: 28,400 Gold.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Corsair Sea Dog Belt 1,350 Gold.png
n/a Belt "Nothing says "Sea Dog" quite like wearing a belt made from a dog's collar. Just don't smell it."
Corsair Sea Dog Boots 1,350 Gold.png
n/a Boots "Planning a trip to the Wilds? Then you'll need these sturdy boots to survive its razor sharp rocks."
Corsair Sea Dog Dress 5,400 Gold.png
n/a Dress "It might look ridiculous on the dance floor, but it's nearly as good as wearing armour."
Corsair Sea Dog Gloves 1,350 Gold.png
n/a Gloves "Plenty of room to slip a few coins inside to fight your way out of any tavern brawl."
Corsair Sea Dog Hat 6,800 Gold.png
n/a Hat "Once used by wily scoundrels to hide an extra cannonball, despite the headaches it caused."
Corsair Sea Dog Jacket 6,750 Gold.png
n/a Jacket "Rumour has it that next season's model will even be resistant to lightning strikes."
Corsair Sea Dog Shirt 2,700 Gold.png
n/a Shirt "Made from the hammocks that once hung below decks in the renowned galleon, The Black Dog."
Corsair Sea Dog Trousers 2,700 Gold.png
n/a Bottoms "Double stitched. Why risk an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when bending over to load a cannon?"

Vanity Items[]

  • Total Cost: 11,450 Gold.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Corsair Sea Dog Beard 150 Gold.png
n/a Beard "Wiry and rough, making it to ideal to rub into your enemies faces as an extra weapon."
Corsair Sea Dog Eyepatch 3,050 Gold.png
n/a Eyepatch "Crafted by stitching two whole different fabrics together. The Sea Dogs are a talented bunch."
Corsair Sea Dog Hair 150 Gold.png
n/a Hair "The classic long back and sides, favoured by genuine pirates throughout the seas."
Corsair Sea Dog Hook 4,050 Gold.png
n/a Hook "Forged from old cutlasses discarded by veteran crews."
Corsair Sea Dog Pegleg 4,050 Gold.png
n/a Pegleg "Who knew taking a bit of old rope and pointing a flintlock upside down would make such a fetching new leg?"