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Crate of Ancient Bone Dust
Crate of Ancient Bone Dust.png
Type Trade Good Crate
Company Merchant Alliance icon.png Merchant Alliance
Sell to Senior Traders or
The Servant of the Flame
Base Gold Reward 2,100-5,400 Gold
Emissary Value 12960

The Crate of Ancient Bone Dust is a type of Skeleton Trade Good Crate in Sea of Thieves. Crates of Ancient Bone Dust are often guarded by Skeletons and are often rewarded for difficult encounters. These Crates can be sold to the Merchant Alliance Representative Senior Traders on every Outpost for Gold and Reputation.

Where to find[]

Crates of Ancient Bone Dust can be found from the following sources:


Crates of Ancient Bone Dust can be sold to:

The following is the reward chart for the sold Crate:

Emissary Grade Gold (Min.) Gold (Max.) Emissary Value
No Emissary 2,100 Gold 5,400 Gold 0
I 2,100 Gold 5,400 Gold 12960
II 2,793 Gold 7,182 Gold 17236.8
III 3,507 Gold 9,018 Gold 21643.2
IV 4,200 Gold 10,800 Gold 25920
V 5,250 Gold 13,500 Gold 32400




Merchant Alliance Commendations:

Reaper's Bones Commendations:

Athena's Fortune Commendations:

Bilge Rats Commendations:

Pirate Chat[]

Here is the Pirate Chat Wheel of the Crate:

Crate of Ancient Bone Dust Wheel.png

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