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Crate of Devil's Cloth
Crate of Devil's Cloth.png
Type Cargo
Company Merchant Alliance icon.png Merchant Alliance
Base Gold Reward 1,400 Gold

The Crate of Devil's Cloth is a type of Cargo Crate found in Sea of Thieves. It is the Ashen variant of the Crate of Luxurious Cloth.

Like other forms of Cargo, it can be damaged, causing its value to decrease. The Crate of Devil's Cloth is damaged by contact with water; either by submersion in water or by contact with rainfall. Compared to the Crate of Luxurious it accumulates water damage at a much higher rate.

Devil's Cloth degrades much faster than regular cloth.

Value Degradation[]

  • Crate of Devil's Cloth - 1,400 Gold
  • Crate of Devil's Wet Cloth - 1,000 Gold
  • Crate of Devil's Soaked Cloth - 600 Gold
  • Crate of Devil's Waterlogged Cloth - 200 Gold


  • The safest place to store a Crate of Luxurious Cloth is usually the highest sheltered deck of the ship.
    • Every ship variant has a sheltered shelf which items can be put on. When placed here, a Crate of Luxurious Cloth is not at risk of accumulating water damage unless the ship is sank.