Crate of Devil's Cloth
Crate of Devil's Cloth.png
Type Cargo
Base Gold Reward 1,400  Gold.png

The Crate of Devil's Cloth Is a type of Cargo: A box of delicate sheets that soils when soaked in water.

The cloth will start to soak when exposed to contact with water, whether by rain or sea. Upon being sold, it will reward Pirates with Merchant Alliance Reputation and Gold.

Devil's Cloth degrades much faster than regular cloth.

Value Degradation

  • Crate of Devil's Cloth - 1,400  Gold.png
  • Crate of Devil's Wet Cloth - 1,000  Gold.png
  • Crate of Devil's Soaked Cloth - 600  Gold.png
  • Crate of Devil's Waterlogged Cloth - 200  Gold.png


  • The Rowboat is excellent for storing cargo in hazardous journeys.
  • Harpooning the crate is another good way to move the crate without damaging it.
  • Exposure to rain and water will not instantly degrade the quality of the cloth. 
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