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Crate of Devil's Plants
Crate of Devil's Plants.png
Type Cargo
Base Gold Reward 1,400 Gold.png

The Crate of Devil's Plants is a type of Cargo: The plants will degrade after some time, but can be maintained by contact with water; either through bucket or being submerged in ship bilge water at the indicated water line on the crate. Upon being sold, it will reward Pirates with Merchant Alliance Reputation and Gold.

Devil's Plants degrade much faster than regular plants.

Value Degradation[]

  • Crate of Devil's Plants - 1,400 Gold.png
  • Crate of Devil's Parched Plants - 1,000 Gold.png
  • Crate of Devil's Wilted Plants - 600 Gold.png
  • Crate of Devil's Shrivelled Plants - 200 Gold.png