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Crate of Rum Bottles
Crate of Rum Bottles.png
Type Cargo
Company Merchant Alliance icon.png Merchant Alliance
Base Gold Reward 700 Gold

The Crate of Rum Bottles is a type of Cargo Crate found in Sea of Thieves.

Like other forms of Cargo, it can be damaged, causing its value to decrease. The Crate of Devil's Rum Bottles is damaged by jumping to lower ground, damage incurred by attacks, and other forms of rough handling.

Value Degradation[]

  • Crate of Rum Bottles - 700 Gold
  • Crate of Cracked Rum Bottles - 500 Gold
  • Crate of Splintered Rum Bottles - 300 Gold
  • Crate of Smashed Rum Bottles - 100 Gold


  • A Crate of Devil's Rum Bottles can be damaged by Weapons, Volcanic Rocks, Cannonballs, jumping and falling onto land while carrying the Rum, Gunpowder Barrel explosions, Geyser outbursts, and Megalodon or Kraken attacks.
  • The Harpoon can grab a Crate of Devil's Rum Bottles without damaging them.
  • Jumping will not damage a Crate of Devil's Rum Bottles if you land at a higher point than where you jumped from.