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Crate of Rum Bottles
Crate of Rum Bottles.png
Type Cargo
Base Gold Reward 700 Gold.png

The Crate of Rum Bottles is a type of Cargo: A box of every Pirate's favorite drink housed in fragile glass.

Jumping and other rough handling with the crate will shatter the package, lowering its value. Upon being sold, it will reward Pirates with Merchant Alliance Reputation and Gold.

Value Degradation[]

  • Crate of Rum Bottles - 700 Gold.png
  • Crate of Cracked Rum Bottles - 500 Gold.png
  • Crate of Splintered Rum Bottles - 300 Gold.png
  • Crate of Smashed Rum Bottles - 100 Gold.png


  • The Rowboat is excellent for storing cargo in hazardous journeys.
  • Bottles of Rum and The Devil's Rum will break due to Weapons, Volcanoes, Cannonballs, jumping and falling onto land while carrying the Rum, from Gunpowder Barrel explosions and Megalodon or Kraken attacks.  
  • The Harpoon is an ideal tool for fetching Rum Bottles from land without damaging them.