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Behaviour Varies by Type

Creatures are Animals, Enemies, and decorative wildlife in Sea of Thieves.


With the exclusion of Fish, these are animals that are requested by the Merchant Alliance in Merchant Voyage. They can be found on islands excluding the Devil's Roar, and can be captured in cages. Animal Locations are found on the Animal Locations page.

  • Chicken: Passive animal that frequently clucks. It can be captured in a Chicken Coop. There are White Feathered Chickens, Red Speckled Chickens, Black Plumed Chickens, and Golden Chickens.
  • Fish: Passive animal that will not appear without a Fishing Rod. Found in any body of water big enough to cast in. Unlike other animals, Fish are turned into The Hunter's Call.
  • Pig: Passive animal that requires constant feeding when captured. It is captured in a Pig Crate. There are Pink Bristled Pigs, Pink and Black Spotted Pigs, Black Pigs, and Golden Striped Pigs.
  • Snake: Aggressive animal that will attack nearby players by spitting venom. It can be captured in a Snake Basket. Can be charmed with music. There are Blue Snakes, Red and White Striped Snakes, Black Scaled Snakes, and Golden Snakes.


Main article: Enemies

Enemies are creatures and NPCs that attack players. They range from the weak & common enemies, with little reward, to the stronger bosses with unique abilities that yield lucrative rewards.


Main article: Pets

Pets are animal companions that can accompany players on their adventures. They can be bought at the Pirate Emporium.


Decorative wildlife that cannot be interacted with or killed.

  • Bats: Found in caves. Also seen flying over islands in The Wilds.
  • Fish: Found in the water near the shores of Islands. (Not to be confused with Fish that can be caught with a Fishing Rod)
  • Seagulls: Flies above floating Barrels and Shipwrecks. A small flock over the ocean indicates floating barrels, and a large flock over the ocean indicates a shipwreck.
  • Parrots: Flocks of Parrots fly randomly over Island areas.
  • Rats: Found in ships and can appear in different levels depending on the amount of water in the ship.


A friendly mermaid arrives to rescue players from the ocean if they are in the water and far from their ship.

Ally mermaids produce a blue smoke to indicate their location, where as mermaids spawned by enemy players do not.