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A Crew is a collection of 1-4 Player Pirates playing together in Sea of Thieves.


In Sea of Thieves, every player in a Crew is responsible for every aspect of the Ship. There are no AI entities to help; players must manage the wheel, sails, anchor, navigation and anything else they would like to do on their own. Therefore, it is helpful for players to assign roles when starting a session, or as players drop in and out in Open Crew. Such roles include but are not limited to: helmsman, captain, navigation, call outs, lookout, repairman, cannoneer, and/or someone to infiltrate and cause general chaos on the enemy ship.

Crew Types[]

Open Crews[]

Open Crews are Crews in the same server region that are automatically put together by the matchmaking system. In Open Crews you can still invite players if you have room. Players will often hop on and off of an open crew, making it a somewhat unreliable choice for a crew when sailing the seas.

Closed Crews[]

Closed Crews are Crews where every player is invited in. Only friends of either you or your crewmates can join. These crews tend to be far more reliable, as you are typically aware of your friends actions and/or shortcomings. Therefor making this the primary choice for anyone seeking immersive gameplay

Arena Crews[]

Arena crews acted very similar to open and closed crews. The only difference is you needed a minimum crew size of 3 for Galleons and 2 for Sloops to start searching with a closed crew. This limitation was not present when voting to switch between open & closed crew after loading in. Unfortunately, Arena was discontinued due to lack of popularity.

Ship Types[]

Main article: Ship


Main article: Sloop

The Sloop is by far the best ship for those seeking a Solo experience in Sea of Thieves. It is small and compact, making it perfect for 1 to 2 players. The sloop is infamously known to be the main ship of the 'Flaming Bud" crew led by Captain Gibon.


Main article: Brigantine

The Brigantine is a medium-sized ship for 1 to 3 players. Therefore this ship is best for players seeking more dangerous adventures who also want a quick getaway ship.


Main article: Galleon

The Galleon is a large ship for 1 to 4 players. With its large artillery and massive size, a well oiled crew could rule the Sea of Thieves in this grand ship.

Patch history[]

  • 2.3.2 (November 11, 2021)
    • Crews joining a server at the start of a session should now always begin their journey at an Outpost.
  • 1.1.1 (June 5, 2018)
    • Open / Closed Crew - You can now dynamically change whether your crew is open or closed while out on the seas. This option can be toggled from within the 'My Crew' menu.
  • 1.0.7 (May 15, 2018)
    • This Seat is Taken - Players now have two crew type options available to them, Open and Closed Crews.