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Currencies are used for purchasing Promotions and Cosmetics in Sea of Thieves. Currencies cannot be used to buy any technical or mechanical advantages and are mainly used for buying reskins of already existing items to show off your Prestige or Style.

Types of Currencies[]

Icon Name Description
Gold.png Gold Gold is the main currency in the Sea of Thieves, used to purchase Promotions, Upgradable Equipment and Weapons skins and Cosmetic Customization Variants of virtually every Item in the Player's Arsenal. The main method of earning Gold in Sea of Thieves is to sell Treasure to Trading Companies in the Adventure Mode or competing in matches of The Arena. It has no skill based advantages, only cosmetics.
Doubloon.png Doubloons Doubloons are the currency used by the Bilge Rats, acquired by completing Commendations and Mercenary Voyages for the Company. Doubloons can be spent at the Black Market, which is hosted by a Bilge Rats representative in every Tavern.
Silver.png Silver Silver is not quite technically a Currency, as it is used as a Point system in individual Arena matches, however it acts like a Currency within the Game Mode. Silver does not convert to Gold. Its only purpose is to form the Leaderboard of each Arena match.
AncientCoin.png Ancient Coins Ancient Coins are a Currency exclusively used for purchasing goods at the Pirate Emporium. Ancient Coins can be bought as incremental bundles for real life currency, or earned through either killing rare Ancient Skeletons, or as a Renown Level reward during any given Season.