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Cursed Captain
Cursed Captain.png
Type Quest Item
Source A Pirate’s Life icon.png A Pirate's Life
Voice Actor Jonny Glynn
“He doesn't stop talking!”
— Pirate Chat wheel, Cursed Captain

The Cursed Captain is a Skeleton whose talking skull can be found as a Quest Item in Sailor's Grave during the A Pirate's Life Tall Tale, and as an NPC outside the Tavern of the Damned during Captains of the Damned.


A Pirate's Life[]

The A Pirate's Life Tall Tale features an abundance of dialogue from Cursed Captain.

While freeing Cursed Captain from his cage, players may hear the following scripted dialogue.

Cursed Captain's dialogue upon entering Sailor's Grave

Cursed Captain

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me...
It's been so long since I saw me loot...
What I wouldn't give for a change of scenery...
Ah, it's a foul wind tonight!
Now how did that old song go?
They'll pay fer this! One day...
Oh, the indignity of it all...
How long has it been? Eh, no matter.
Wish I had a nicer cage. Something lined with jewels...

Cursed Captain's dialogue upon noticing a Player

Cursed Captain

Ahoy down there!
Ye paid my warnings no heed
and set foot in Sailor's Grave while ye still draw breath
at the risk of marooning yerself here for all enternity...
Now that be what I call true pirate courage!
Not like the scurvy sea devils who stole me plunder an' jailed me up here.
Me own crew, a bunch of treacherous curs!
Arrr, but this be no way to hold a conversation!
Climb up here and lower me cage. Ill make it worth yer while...

Exploring Sailor's Grave before Cursed Captain's cage has been dropped

Cursed Captain

You're not afraid of heights, I hope! Ye've a fair climb to reach me cage.
If me crew can hang me up here, surely ye can get me down again!
Ye'll do no good down there! Higher! Higher, I say!
Unless ye've learned to fly, ye'll need to find some way up to me cage.
The only way to get me down is fer ye to climb up, an' be quick about it!

Bringing the Captain the Cage Key before dropping the cage

Cursed Captain

You! Yes you, down there!
Is that the key to me cage ye be holdin?
Ah, that's a welcome sight, but but it'll do me no good while I'm stuck up here.
See if ye can't find a way to climb up and set me back on the ground, where I belong!

Cursed Captain's dialogue as you climb through Sailor's Grave

Cursed Captain

Well, it's a start, sure enough... But ye've bearly begun!
I'm strung up by this ol' ship beside me cage,
but ye'll never board her from the ground.
Hold yer course an' see if ye can't make it over to her from where y' are now.
I'll wait...
Watch yer step, now...
I'd hate to see ye take a tumble and leave me stranded up here.
Are ye still there? Did ye drown? Blast it all, I can't see a thing from up here!
Ye'd best not be pullin' me leg, for I've not seen it in years...
They'll be back! Arr, I'm sure of it. Almost certainly... Maybe.
Ah, there ye be!
I thought ye might be lost, or gotten yerself trapped for all eternity!
But I think it's another trapped soul that brought ye here...
Well, you're out of luck!
The Ferry no longer docks at any port in this blighted blister of a town!
Now, that's not a gap ye'll cross less'n ye grow some wings.
But ye mustn't give up! Ye see,
I happens to know of a way to call the Ferryman back to these shores...
That's the way! Ah, I can taste me sweet, sweet freedom...
Well, ye took yer sweet time, but here we are!
Now, ye just need to lower me cage very, very gently. Ye understand?

Cursed Captain's dialogue when a player falls on the way to free him

Cursed Captain

Look out below! Ahh, but ye can climb the stairs an' try again.
An' this time, don't lose yer nerve!
Har, this be fine theatre, but we don't have all day.
Back t' the lift with ye' an try again.
Wait! What're ye playin' at?

Cursed Captain's dialogue when freed from his cage

Cursed Captain

(If rope is burned) Huh? what was that sound?
Uuugghhh... Me head, it's killin' me...
Aye, it's not really a dignified reunion,
but I do welcome bein' back on the ground...

If key has already been found:

Now, that key is not going to use itself!

If key has yet to be found:

I hoped the fall might bust open these here bars,
but it seems I'll be needing another favour from ye...
If ye can hunt down me mutinous crew and find the key to me cage...
Well, once I'm free, we might just be able to strike a bargain.
Me crew wouldn't let the key out of their sight.
They probably took it along to celebrate their treachery, the roaches!
Find the tavern, and you'll find me freedom...

Exploring Sailor's Grave after dropping the cage without unlocking it

Cursed Captain

Before finding the key:

Linger not, fer there's a key to find, an' me freedom to be gained!
If you want me help, ye'd best get to searching for that key!
Are ye just going to stand there? I can't help ye 'til ye get me out of this cage!
This be a cruel and unusual punishment...
Find that key an' bring my torment to an end!

Bringing the key to the captain:

By Hades' burning beard, ye found the key!
Well now, a deal's a deal. Set me free an' I'll tell ye all that I can.

Key has been found:

It be very simple, ye take the key, ye put it in the lock, ye TURN the key...
I won't say a word 'til I'm out of this cursed cage!
That key's not going to use itself!

After unlocking the cage

Cursed Captain

Before picking up Cursed Captain:

Ye did it, the cage is open? What be the delay?
D'ye expect me to just roll my way across town?
Don't be scared, I don't bite... much.

After picking up Cursed Captain:

Sweet freedom! Ah, it feels good t' to see in more 'n one direction!
All these years I've spent wondering what happened to me town, an' me treasure!
Now, we've a long journey ahead and I've yet to find me sea legs,
so you gets about the walking and I'll take care of the talking!
Let's start by heading for the old lighthouse...
Or p'raps ye'd rather me take ye on the grand tour of my fallen kingdom?
Who knows, there may still be plunder to find...

That's the way! I'd been fearful that the lock might have rusted after all this time.
Being that I'm unable to provide my own means of locomotion, ye'll have to carry me.
And make sure yer hands are clean. I don't want fingerprints all over me skull.

Cursed Captain may say a random line at any time while exploring Sailor's Grave:

Cursed Captain also has scripted dialogue for many locations in Sailor's Grave:

Upon progressing the story, Cursed Captain will say the following scripted dialogue:

Pirate Chat[]

Cursed Captain Pirate Chat.png