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Dagger Tooth Outpost
DaggerToothOutpost 1.png
Type Outpost
Region The Wilds icon.png The Wilds
Coordinates M-8
Double Quotations Left.png
Welcome to Dagger Tooth Outpost - Mind Your Step
— Signposts on Dagger Tooth Outpost

Dagger Tooth Outpost is one of seven Outposts and is located within the region of The Wilds at coordinate M-8.

The island has large, jagged rock formations which tower over the shops.

The island has three docks, two of which have fallen into disrepair. On the west side, there is a small bay which is made inaccessible by the remains of a large ship blocking the mouth of the bay.


  • Outposts are island towns where crews and their ships spawn when beginning a game, or sometimes after their ship is sunk.
  • Outposts contain shops where items can be purchased. Each Outpost contains a tavern and one of each shop.
  • Representatives of Trading Companies can be found at Outposts, from whom crews can pick up Voyages and sell treasure.
  • Players can represent these companies as Emissaries by using Emissary Tables here.


Legends of the Sea[]

The Fox in the Snake: A wanted poster on a wooden beam in the Drowned Rat tavern is dedicated to Fizzy Foxy who was the deadliest pirate in the Technical Alpha play session, killing 37 other players. Self-Promoting Pistol Pirate: A poster on the side of the water tower beside the Weaponsmith's Shop is dedicated to Musicmee for being a positive and committed member of the community and for making a "Wanted Poster Generator" to create custom Sea of Thieves inspired wanted posters.


Patch history[]

  • 2.5.3 (June 26, 2022)
    • Players shoul no longer see an option to sit in mid-air when on the west side dock.
  • 2.5.2 (May 12, 2022)
    • (Undocumented) Added a sitting spot at the end of the broken dock.
  • 2.4.0 (December 2, 2021)
    • Added sitting spots around the Outpost.
  • 2.0.22 (February 18, 2021)
    • Construction began on Castaway's Camp.
    • Added a Glitterbeard journal to the tavern.
  • 2.0.21 (January 28, 2021)
    • Space was cleared away for Castaway's Camp.
  • 2.0.11 (January 15, 2020)
    • Duke comes back and takes his position back.
    • Made the Easter Eggs on the outpost interactable.
  • 1.2.4 (August 30, 2018)
    • The shop owners have returned to there shops and the mast in the middle of the island has disappeared.
  • 1.1.0 (May 29, 2018)
    • Added Duke into the tavern.