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Dagger Tricks Emote Bundle
Dagger Tricks Emote Bundle promo.jpg
Type Bundle
Shop Pirate Emporium
Cost 449 AncientCoin.png
If you know that daggers can impress as well as menace, this bundle is perfect for you.

The Dagger Tricks Emote Bundle is a Pirate Emporium pack of four Emotes which perform various Dagger Tricks.

Each Emote in the Bundle can be purchased individually for 149 AncientCoin.png, or purchased as the complete Bundle for 499 AncientCoin.png (a savings of 97 AncientCoin.png).

The Bundle[]

Dagger Tricks Emote Bundle
Bundle Cost: 499 AncientCoin.png
Emote Cost Description
Five-Finger Fillet Emote 149 AncientCoin.png A dangerous party trick that's also really effective at getting weevils out of biscuits.
Fruit Carving Emote 149 AncientCoin.png Your pirate has mastered the peeling of fruit! Bananas everywhere are trembling.
Dagger Flip Emote 149 AncientCoin.png This is the kind of flashy trick that you can only ever get wrong once.
Juggling Daggers Emote 149 AncientCoin.png The blades used to pin Mysterious Notes to tavern tables finally have another use.

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