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Dark Adventurers Set
Dark Adventurers Set galleon
Type Cosmetic Set
Cost 79,234,875 Gold

Pirate Legend

The Dark Adventurers Set is a cosmetic set themed around both Athena's Fortune and the Reaper's Bones. With its exorbitant gold pricing, this cosmetic set is the most expensive in the game.

Dark Adventurer Set group

Dark Adventurers Set Clothing and Weapons.

Set Components[]

Clothing Items[]

  • Total Cost: 11,502,000 Gold
Image Name Cost Requires Type In-game description
Dark Adventurers Belt
Dark Adventurers Belt 546,750 Gold
Belt "A blisteringly expensive belt, yes, but can it really be considered an evil ensemble without one?"
Dark Adventurers Boots
Dark Adventurers Boots 546,750 Gold
Boots "Don these boots to set other pirates quaking in theirs."
Dark Adventurers Dress
Dark Adventurers Dress 2,187,000 Gold
Dress "Not so much 'dress to impress' as 'dress to distress' thanks to this intimidating garment."
Dark Adventurers Gloves
Dark Adventurers Gloves 546,750 Gold
Gloves "The perfect accessory for steering the ship while staring moodily at the horizon."
Dark Adventurers Hat
Dark Adventurers Hat 2,754,000 Gold
Hat "Wear this hat a jaunty angle and show your contempt for those who follow the rules."
Dark Adventurers Jacket
Dark Adventurers Jacket 2,733,750 Gold
Jacket "From the heavy gauntlet to the skull shoulder-patch, this jacket simply screams 'fight me'."
Dark Adventurers Shirt
Dark Adventurers Shirt 1,093,500 Gold
Shirt "Fabulous fabrics and deadly design unite to create a shirt with a seriously steep sale price."
Dark Adventurers Trousers
Dark Adventurers Trousers 1,093,500 Gold
Bottoms "Imposing trousers that cost an arm and a leg for the traditional form: no arms and two legs."

Vanity Items[]

  • Total Cost: 7,121,250 Gold
Image Name Cost Requires Type In-game description
Dark Adventurers Blowout Hair
Dark Adventurers Blowout Hair 202,500 Gold
Hair "It takes real skill to shave such an ominous emblem into hair. Especially when it's your own hair."
Dark Adventurers Eyepatch
Dark Adventurers Eyepatch 1,235,250 Gold
Eyepatch "This premium patch will plunder your pockets, but it's better than a poke in the eye."
Dark Adventurers Hook
Dark Adventurers Hook 1,640,250 Gold
Hook "A hook hints at a Pirate Legend's history of infamy and injury in equal measure."
Dark Adventurers Pegleg
Dark Adventurers Pegleg 1,640,250 Gold
Pegleg "What could have left a Pirate Legend with a pegleg? Pirates will be too afraid to ask."
Dark Adventurers Plaited Hair
Dark Adventurers Plaited Hair 202,500 Gold
Hair "If you're feeling particularly twisted and evil, this hairstyle is the perfect way to express yourself."
Dark Adventurers Severe Makeup
Dark Adventurers Severe Makeup 200,250 Gold
Makeup "Is this facepaint, warpaint or something in between? Either way, it shows that you mean business."
Dark Adventurers Sombre Makeup
Dark Adventurers Sombre Makeup 200,250 Gold
Makeup "Malicious, moody and mysterious? Then you can definitely pull off this look."
Dark Adventurers Stalwart Hair
Dark Adventurers Stalwart Hair 202,500 Gold
Hair "Just because you're the scourge of the seas, it doesn't mean you can't also have fantastic hair."
Dark Adventurers Stately Beard
Dark Adventurers Stately Beard 202,500 Gold
Beard "This magnificent beard will only enhance your dark and brooding countenance."
Dark Adventurers Stylish Hair
Dark Adventurers Stylish Hair 202,500 Gold
Hair "A hairstyle that practically screams 'go ahead, just try to trim me…'"
Dark Adventurers Surly Makeup
Dark Adventurers Surly Makeup 200,250 Gold
Makeup "You don't wear this just to look good. You wear this to look utterly terrifying, but also good."
Dark Adventurers Tattoo
Dark Adventurers Tattoo 992,250 Gold
Tattoo "Keep the creed of the Dark Adventurers, not to mention their distinctive emblem, close to your heart."

Equipment Items[]

  • Total Cost: 12,605,625 Gold
Image Name Cost Requires Type In-game description
Dark Adventurers Banjo
Dark Adventurers Banjo 1,181,250 Gold
Banjo "This gothic take on the humble banjo lends a sobering edge to any shanty."
Dark Adventurers Bucket
Dark Adventurers Bucket 641,250 Gold
Bucket "When pirates see you wielding a bucket this expensive, they might turn a little pale."
Dark Adventurers Compass
Dark Adventurers Compass 945,000 Gold
Compass "Splash out on a compass to chart a course toward your many malevolent misdeeds."
Dark Adventurers Concertina
Dark Adventurers Concertina 961,875 Gold
Concertina "How is it possible for a musical instrument to look so menacing? The Reapers found a way."
Dark Adventurers Drum
Dark Adventurers Drum 1,181,250 Gold
Drum "The Reapers comprehend a forbidden truth: everyone prefers drummers."
Dark Adventurers Fishing Rod
Dark Adventurers Fishing Rod 2,160,000 Gold
Fishing Rod "If this fishing rod were any more intimidating, not even Splashtails would be fooled into biting."
Dark Adventurers Hurdy-Gurdy
Dark Adventurers Hurdy-Gurdy 961,875 Gold
Hurdy-Gurdy "Even a jolly hurdy-gurdy can be used to intimidate others, given the right coat of paint."
Dark Adventurers Lantern
Dark Adventurers Lantern 641,250 Gold
Lantern "Even the darkest of souls sometimes need to light their way in the dead of night."
Dark Adventurers Pocket Watch
Dark Adventurers Pocket Watch 945,000 Gold
Pocket Watch "A costly pocket watch that stares right back at you with a death's-head gaze."
Dark Adventurers Shovel
Dark Adventurers Shovel 624,375 Gold
Shovel "Perfect for digging up Chest of Legends. Oh, and all the other less legendary loot."
Dark Adventurers Speaking Trumpet
Dark Adventurers Speaking Trumpet 776,250 Gold
Speaking Trumpet "Carry your voice across the waves to demand surrender or issue your best evil laugh."
Dark Adventurers Spyglass
Dark Adventurers Spyglass 1,282,500 Gold
Spyglass "Spot your next targets at a distance while they're still blissfully unaware of you..."
Dark Adventurers Tankard
Dark Adventurers Tankard 303,750 Gold
Tankard "Can it really be happy hour when you drink from a tankard that looks this foreboding?"


  • Total Cost: 10,206,000 Gold
Image Name Cost Requires Type In-game description
Dark Adventurers Blunderbuss
Dark Adventurers Blunderbuss 2,551,500 Gold
Blunderbuss "Designed by Reapers. Wielded by Pirate Legends. Now that's a scary blunderbuss."
Dark Adventurers Cutlass
Dark Adventurers Cutlass 2,551,500 Gold
Cutlass "The skull sigil on the blade offers your foes a glimpse of their imminent demise."
Dark Adventurers Eye of Reach
Dark Adventurers Eye of Reach 2,551,500 Gold
Eye of Reach "An Eye of Reach covered in spikes? Good thing there's a matching eyepatch available."
Dark Adventurers Pistol
Dark Adventurers Pistol 2,551,500 Gold
Pistol "Pirate Legends will know how to make every last shot from this pricey pistol count."

Ship Components[]

  • Total Cost: 37,800,000 Gold
Image Name Cost Requires Type In-game description
Dark Adventurers Cannons
Dark Adventurers Cannons 4,134,375 Gold
Cannons "These cannons strike fear into the hearts of all who spy them - and that's before they start firing."
Dark Adventurers Capstan
Dark Adventurers Capstan 4,134,375 Gold
Capstan "Weigh anchor - carefully - with this intimidating but potentially hazardous capstan."
Dark Adventurers Figurehead
Dark Adventurers Figurehead 8,268,750 Gold
Figurehead "Part of a ship set designed by The Reaper's Bones to lure Pirate Legends to their cause..."
Dark Adventurers Flag
Dark Adventurers Flag 590,625 Gold
Flags "Any crew flying this flag must have spent much of their gold. Now they're coming for yours."
Dark Adventurers Hull
Dark Adventurers Hull 8,268,750 Gold
Hull "Rumour has it the price of this ship set is the Pirate Lord seeking to dissuade Legendary Reapers."
Dark Adventurers Sails
Dark Adventurers Sails 8,268,750 Gold
Sails "The sails are unfurled, a heading set. There may be no turning back from this dark course."
Dark Adventurers Wheel
Dark Adventurers Wheel 4,134,375 Gold
Wheel "Take the helm and set sail in pursuit of dark and dangerous deeds."


  • According to Blunderbuss description of this set, these cosmetics were made by the Reaper's Bones.
  • According to the Hull description, the exorbitant prices of this set are the Pirate Lord trying to dissuade pirates from buying the pieces.
  • According to the Figurehead description of this set, the purpose of it was to entice Pirate Legends to join the cause of the Reaper's Bones.

Patch history[]

  • 2.0.23 (March 18, 2021)
    • Added clothing, and vanity items.
  • 2.0.22 (February 18, 2021)
    • Added ship components.
  • 2.0.21 (January 28, 2021)
    • Introduced.
    • Added weapons, equipment, and instruments.