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Location The Glorious Sea Dog
Use the cannons located on islands to open fire on passing rivals. The Big Dog once sank three ships and won the day on Plunder Valley doing this!
— Dimitri, Overheard in the tavern


Dimitri, known in third person as "The Big Dog", is an Arena veteran on the lookout for the next Arena legend, provided that said legend also happens to be rich enough for training.


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My mother called my Dimitri, but everyone else hails me as The Big Dog.

Hello, er... The Big Dog. Why aren't you down at the bar with the others?

The bar is for washed up has-beens and drunken no hopers!
The Big Dog's on the lookout for the next Arena legend.
A promising pirate that can step into his undefeated boots as the greatest the Arena has ever seen!
Someone that can afford The Big Dog's training fees as well, of course.

Have you got any advice about how to win in the Arena? I might be open to a little cheating.

The Big Dog's been given this scroll by DeMarco. He wants him to read it out to all pirates.
Press the bumper to the left and you shall discover items of great worth.
The bumper on the right reveals maps that lead to glory.
The circle marked with Y brings forth steel and lead.
The Big Dog has no idea what any of this means, so he won't charge you.
The Big Dog's advice is priceless though, but it will cost you half of all your gold.

I'll probably regret this, but tell me about your accomplishments in the Arena.

Where does The Big Dog start?
Shall I tell you the tale about him swimming underwater for fifty fathoms carrying four chests with a pistol shot in each shoulder?
Or maybe when he harpooned three ships at once, sank them all and claimed twenty chests?
Then there was also the time when he...
No, enough of these modest tales. The Big Dog's ready to start your training as soon as you sign on with him.


  • Dimitri unintentionally references Xbox One controller buttons. This type of reference is an uncommon trend found in platform-exclusive games.