Duke is a Bilge Rats representative in Sea of Thieves. He can be found at all Outposts inside the Tavern.


Never seen a Bilge Rat before mate? Come share a grog and let's toast to freedom, adventure and the open sea!

So what's new around here?
You noticed the sharks getting excitable lately? Great fun trying to outswim them if you ask me! Bit of a mystery, really. If you're feeling curious, there's a fella called 'merry' Merrick who seems to know something about it. He might tell you, if he's sober. Last I heard, he was camped on the South-West side of Shark Bait Cove. Adventure calls, mate!
Who are the Bilge Rats?
You know the trading companies? Like those stuffy Merchant Alliance fools? Well, a pox on them! Chase commendations and approval from your masters if you like, but the love of adventure, of discovery, of the sea itself... that's what we're about. Get out there, get in trouble, get a few scars! We love pirates who chase rumours and follow their noses. Even if they get broken from time to time...
What's with your outfit?
Bilge Rats live like true pirates! There's always a new challenge on the horizon, if you keep your ear to the ground. rd rather have a few tears in my trousers and the tales that go with them, than look like some kind of... preening pirate pretty boy!
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