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Eastern Winds Jade Set
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Type Cosmetic Set
Cost 417,825 Gold.png

The Eastern Winds Jade Set is a Cosmetic Set of Equipment items in Sea of Thieves. The items are a gold-red-green variant of the Ashen Dragon Set Items. These Items were first made available during the December 2020 Festival of Giving Content Update as rewards for completing goals in the 12 Deeds of Giving Event.

Set Components[]

Equipment Items[]

  • Total Cost: 417,825 Gold.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Eastern Winds Jade Banjo 47,250 Gold.png
n/a Banjo "With its ornate dragon design, this imported banjo looks even better than it sounds."
Eastern Winds Jade Bucket 25,650 Gold.png
n/a Bucket "A bucket so fine, it almost seems a shame to fill it with something as mundane as seawater."
Eastern Winds Jade Compass 37,800 Gold.png
n/a Compass "You won't make it to the North Pole using this compass, but it's a step in the right direction."
Eastern Winds Jade Concertina 38,475 Gold.png
n/a Concertina "Even the keys of this gorgeous concertina are made from glittering gems. It's almost TOO nice."
Eastern Winds Jade Drum 47,250 Gold.png
n/a Drum "An instrument from a distant land makes the perfect present for any pirate who loves loud noises."
Eastern Winds Jade Hurdy-Gurdy 38,475 Gold.png
n/a Hurdy-Gurdy "Take part in the Festival of Giving by bringing out this ornate beauty and playing all night long."
Eastern Winds Jade Lantern 25,650 Gold.png
n/a Lantern "The jade dragons on its handle are just one of the many ways this lantern exudes quality."
Eastern Winds Jade Pocket Watch 37,800 Gold.png
n/a Pocket Watch "No matter how often you check your shiny new pocket watch, it still won't be time for dinner."
Eastern Winds Jade Shovel 24,975 Gold.png
n/a Shovel "In colder regions, this shovel might be used to dig up snow. You'll just have to settle for gold."
Eastern Winds Jade Speaking Trumpet 31,050 Gold.png
n/a Speaking Trumpet "Let your festive greetings carry far across the waves using this exotic speaking trumpet."
Eastern Winds Jade Spyglass 51,300 Gold.png
n/a Spyglass "Helps check the skies for mysterious, suited gift-givers - or maybe just for incoming fire."
Eastern Winds Jade Tankard 12,150 Gold.png
n/a Tankard "A drink? To celebrate the Festival of Giving?! What a strange notion. Still, if you insist..."


  • Total Cost:
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Eastern Winds Jade Eye of Reach Gold.png
n/a Eye of Reach "An expertly crafted weapon with a long, jade dragon design coiled along its lenght."