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Type NPC
Location Sanctuary Outpost

Ebenezer is the Pirate Emporium shopkeeper on Sanctuary Outpost.


Dialogue icon.png

Ebenezer here, top salesman of the Pirate Emporium! Need something rare? I've got it, for a price. In fact, I'm going to bill you for this conversation.

Wait, you can't charge me for that!

For my time? Certainly, I can. I'm a very important man and my time is valuable!
Commerce does not sleep, pirate. Nor should it. The pursuit of wealth is, in my opinion, the highest idea of civilization.
It is a game of wits that creates competition, abundance and freedom for the victors. As for the losers... don't waste your pity on those lazy fools.
Hah. In fact, I once sold an imaginary parrot to Peter at the Spoils of Plenty Seapost.
However! I assure you that any pets I sell to you, my sharp-witted friend, will be entirely tangible and alive.

So, a businessman like you can make a good deal?

I... don't like making discounts, but in the pursuit of a sale, I will... bargain. A little.
I encouraged the Emporium to offer bundles that make it easier for a pirate to purchase matching items.
I think you'll find that our deals on Ancient Coins are reasonable, too. After all, we want pirates to use them.

What is the Pirate Emporium?

It is a collective of likeminded merchants. We have grown powerful by specialising in trade from outside the Sea of Thieves.
You see, it's about finding and controlling a niche, instead of selling the same thing that other shopkeepers sell!
Even when I was a Gold Hoarder, I knew that getting rich was not about grabbing money, but about strategy.
Pirates come to us, and us alone, for our exclusive and impressive items. That's good business!