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Type NPC
Location Roaring Traders

Eleanor is the Shopkeeper at Roaring Traders Seapost.


Dialogue icon.png

I'm Eleanor of Roaring Traders! We do a roaring trade! Because this is the Devil's Roar! Don't keel over laughing yet, I have more...

You seem a jolly sort...

The pirate life can be hard, so why not crack a smile and a joke?
Why does the Ferryman have so many friends?
Because pirates are DYING to meet him!
What did the Gold Hoarder say to the shipwright?
Have you got anything... on SAIL?!

Roaring Traders... good name!

Thank you! I am known for my wit. I was a jester before I became a pirate, but I got sick of clowning around!
And once you start pirating... you get HOOKed!
Here at Roaring Traders, we buy low and sell high... at low tide and high tide!
We love trading with pirates. It keeps the SEAconomy healthy!
That's called P-commerce!

What's a pirate's favourite letter?

Sorry, I already heard it in the tavern.