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Type NPC
Location The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern

Ellis is the Pirate Emporium shopkeeper in the The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern.


Dialogue icon.png

Have you seen what goes on in this Arena?! You pirates are crazy! And the Sea Dogs scare the life out of me! All that action sure sells merchandise, though.

What's so scary about the Sea Dogs?

Have you SEEN them? DeMarco and his swagger, Lesedi with her steel glare. All their weird friends.
Pirates come into this Arena and shoot each other, stab each other, get hit by cannons... I know their souls are protected, but...
It still HURTS!
The Sea Dogs are friendly, I suppose, but their lust for combat makes a cowar- a peaceful man like me nervous.


Pirates who do well in the Arena become so popular. Everyone wants to know what they're wearing and wielding... and buy their own!
So, I'm hoping to sell some of the more luxurious items I have to Arena champions. Soon everyone will want my premium designs!
Come, let me show you what the Pirate Emporium has to offer. All you need is Ancient Coins

What is the Pirate Emporium?

The only place to get top Figureheads, outfits and Weapons, of course! We bring in many exciting things from the outside, including exotic pets.
We were once Gold Hoarders, but we found something on the Shores of Gold that changed us - a hoard of Ancient Coins
After that, gold just didn't have the same allure. We realized that the Sea of Thieves had truly powerful rulers, long before the Pirate Lord.
They had the power to move the Shroud, even. But it's not my place to talk about that.


  • Ellis has a glowing green eye. It is unknown how this came to occur.