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Type NPC
Location The Wild Treasures Store
Company The Hunter's Call icon.png The Hunter's Call
You can cook food at campfires on islands and... WAIT! No, don't d-do it, for the smell w-will bring the almighty wrath of t-that undead J-Jonah d-down upon you!
— Emerick, Overheard at Merrick's campfire

Emerick is The Hunter's Call representative stationed at The Wild Treasures Store. He is the ex-husband of Zharick, of The Hunter's Call.

Emerick's conspiracy theories seem to have compromised his marriage.


Dialogue icon.png

Shhhh! It's me, Emerick - but everyone round here knows that MY NAME IS JACK!

You seem a bit nervous,, Emerick.

S-see that Jonah over there? Yes, h-him. Looks normal, doesn't he?
But he's not! No, n-not at all.
He wants to t-take over this world. Him and h-his undead army.
W-what chance do we have?

Forget your worries for a while, tell me about what you do a the Hunter's Call.

Right! Yes, of course. Let me tell you what we do.
People ask us to supply food and we supply it! That's what we do. Supply. Got it?
Hunt, collect and fish for the best items. Bring them to us. Cooked ones are worth more. Can be a lot more!
B-but beware. Deliver your f-food at midnight. J-Jonah only s-sleeps for less than an hour every day!

It seems quite a lonely life out here. Why not join me for a voyage or two?

Ah, if only I could. Yes, if only.
I used to have a wife. Such a lovely wife. Zharick was her name.
That J-Jonah corrupted her! Poisoned her s-soul with his undead skeletal magic. T-turned her against me!
I daren't leave her though, I can't!
A g-giant winged creature lives in that sea. Yes, it does! I saw it set f-fire to a fleet of ships! Every last one, b-burnt to cinders!