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Type NPC
Location Golden Sands Outpost

Emily is the Pirate Emporium shopkeeper on Golden Sands Outpost


Dialogue icon.png

Welcome to the Pirate Emporium, my well-dressed friend! I'm Emily: merchant, unrepentant food lover and outfit specialist!

You like your food then?

Guilt. I've discovered a love of cooking and eating lately! Especially the food Hendrick cooks.
How does he turn a smelly Splashtail into such a tasty, succulent dish? It's magic!
I've actually been trying to earn some ranks in the Hunter's Call. But I'll be honest, I'm better at importing animals than catching them.
And those animals are not for eating! I'm watching you!

An outfit specialist?

Yes indeed. I brokered many of the Emporium's clothing deals, from tailors and craftspeople around the world.
Want a truly special jacket or hat, or maybe a matching set? We have them! After all, the demand is definitely there.
I was amazed by how brightly the pirates here dress. All the colours and unusual materials... so 'larger than life'!

What is the Pirate Emporium?

I suppose you'd say that we're a group of shopkeepers, but we were all Gold Hoarders once! None of us took to that life, though.
We're lucky to be taken under the GMU's wing. They've really supported us in opening trade to the outside world.
Oh - sorry, forget I said that. It's supposed to be for our ears only. Shh!