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Emissary Ledger
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Emissary Value

An Emissary Ledger is a monthly leaderboard that tracks players' Emissary progress, measured by Emissary Value, within a given Trading Company. A Ledger will begin at the start of the current month with the player's progress at 0 and track progress until closing at the end of the month. Various Rewards are available depending on a player's placement at the Ledger's closing.

Viewing the Ledger[]

Each Trading Company's Emissary Ledger is accessed through the Pirate Log under the desired Trading Company's Reputation tab.

Under a Company's Ledger, players can see their Emissary Value, tier placement and global position, the remaining Emissary Value needed to reach the next tier and the Gamertags of top ranking players within each tier.

Players can also see ledgers on the official website at the Emissary Leaderboards page.

Gaining Emissary Value[]

Main article: Emissary Value

Emissary Ledger ranks players by their total Emissary Value gained during the current Ledger month. Emissary Value is gained when a Crew sells Company-related Treasure to the Trading Company Representatives while flying their Emissary Flag as Emissaries. Each Treasure has a set Emissary Value number which can be increased further by a Crew's Emissary Grade.

The following table shows the Emissary Value increases for each Emissary Grade on the Ship:

Emissary Grade Emissary Value Reward
Grade 1 Base Emissary Value
Grade 2 +33% Emissary Value
Grade 3 +66% Emissary Value
Grade 4 +100% Emissary Value
Grade 5 +150% Emissary Value


Each Trading Company's Ledger is divided into 4 tiers, with rewards available for reaching the top 3 tiers. Placement into a tier is dependent on the percentage of participating players and a player's own ranking (based on Emissary Value) among participants. To progress through these Tiers, players must gain sufficient Emissary Value to enter the qualifying percentage of each tier.

Rewards are given out after the closure of a Ledger. Players will receive rewards for all tiers reached during that Ledger's timeframe. Additional tier rewards are made available to earn once a player has earned the previous rewards of that tier.

Gold Hoarders icon.png Gold Hoarders Ledger
Tiers Rewards

(bottom 25%)

No reward

(bottom 25-50%)

  1. Emissary of Gold Seafarers Title
  2. Seafarer of Sealed Stashes Title
  3. Seafarer of Rogues' Riddles Title

(top 25-50%)

  1. Gold Hoarders Inaugural Marauder Sails
  2. Tribute Peak Hull
  3. Tribute Peak Cannons

(top 25%)

  1. Tribute Peak Figurehead
  2. Tribute Peak Wheel
Order of Souls icon.png Order of Souls Ledger
Tiers Rewards

(bottom 25%)

No reward

(bottom 25-50%)

  1. Emissary of Mystic Mercenaries Title
  2. Mercenary of Sundered Skulls Title
  3. Mercenary of Ghostly Galleons Title

(top 25-50%)

  1. Order of Souls Inaugural Chief Sails
  2. Relic of Darkness Hull
  3. Relic of Darkness Cannons

(top 25%)

  1. Order of Souls Inaugural Grandee Sails
  2. Relic of Darkness Figurehead
  3. Relic of Darkness Wheel
Merchant Alliance icon.png Merchant Alliance Ledger
Tiers Rewards

(bottom 25%)

No reward

(bottom 25-50%)

  1. Emissary of Merchant Cadets Title
  2. Cadet of Curious Cargo Title
  3. Cadet of Salvaged Shipments Title

(top 25-50%)

  1. Merchant Alliance Inaugural Commander Sails
  2. Merchant Ambassador Hull
  3. Merchant Ambassador Cannons

(top 25%)

  1. Merchant Alliance Inaugural Admiral Sails
  2. Merchant Ambassador Figurehead
  3. Merchant Ambassador Wheel
Reaper's Bones icon.png Reaper's Bones Ledger
Tiers Rewards

(bottom 25%)

No reward

(bottom 25-50%)

  1. Emissary of Eternal Servants Title
  2. Servant of Splintered Ships Title
  3. Title

(top 25-50%)

  1. Reaper’s Bones Inaugural Keeper Sails
  2. Masked Renegade Hull
  3. Masked Renegade Cannons
    • Title

(top 25%)

  1. Reaper’s Bones Inaugural Master Sails
  2. Masked Renegade Figurehead
  3. Masked Renegade Wheel
    • Title
Athena's Fortune icon.png Athena's Fortune Ledger
Tiers Rewards

(bottom 25%)

No reward

(bottom 25-50%)

  1. Emissary of Fortune Voyagers Title
  2. Voyager of Pirate Prowess Title
  3. Voyager of Sworn Secrets Title

(top 25-50%)

  1. Athena’s Fortune Inaugural Guardian Sails
  2. Legendary Spirit Pistol
  3. Legendary Spirit Blunderbuss

(top 25%)

  1. Athena’s Fortune Inaugural Legend Sails
  2. Legendary Spirit Cutlass
  3. Legendary Spirit Eye of Reach


There are 5 Achievements related to getting to the top tier in each company, 5 times. [[Achievements#{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]]