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Equipment Chest
Equipment Chest.png
Type Stationary item

The Equipment Chest is a stationary item found outside the Equipment Shop at every Outpost, the Athena's Fortune Hideout and on the lower deck of all Ships.

Players can use an Equipment Chest to browse and swap their Equipments cosmetics.

List of Equipment[]

The following items are changeable via the Equipment Chest.

  • Compass: Used to determine your current direction.
  • Bucket: Used to bail water out of a leaking ship, extinguish fires, and to catch vomit from drunken pirates (to throw at other players, temporarily blocking their vision).
  • Lantern: Used as a portable light source.
  • Shovel: Used to dig for Treasure and Bait.
  • Spyglass: Used to see far off in the distance; head up to the Crow's Nest on your ship to get the best vantage point.
  • Speaking Trumpet: Used to communicate with players from a distance.
  • Tankard: Used to drink Grog.
  • Pocket Watch: Used to tell the time and date.
  • Fishing Rod: Used to catch Fish.
  • Hurdy-Gurdy: Used to make music.
  • Drum: Used to make music.
  • Concertina: Used to make music.

Equipment Chest Locations[]

The following is a gallery of all the Equipment Chest locations:

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