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Type NPC
Location Dagger Tooth Outpost

Errol is the Pirate Emporium shopkeeper on Dagger Tooth Outpost.


Dialogue icon.png

Hey! I'm Errol and I represent the Pirate Emporium. Did you know that we sell Pets? I know! Parrots, Monkeys, all sorts! I KNOW!

You sell pets then?

I KNOW! Isn't it amazing?! My job is literally to unite cute, exotic animals with owners who will love and care for them.
I LOVE pets. I used to have a Macaw called Shannon. She was so smart! Until she got hit by lightning. Twice. Poor girl!
Then I had adorable Jon the Capuchin! Oh, he loved to dance. Danced right off the edge of the ship, into the open mouth of a Megalodon.
My Barbary, Leigh, lasted longer. He would've been fine if not for that little... volcano. I'd only just trained him to stop pooping on me too!

What else do you sell?

What else? You heard me say that I sell Pets, right?! Erm... Pet Outfits! An eyepatch for your parrot, for example. ADORABLE!
Oh... I suppose there's also the ship liveries and equipment. But good luck getting a capstan to come when you call it.
Just to be clear, we don't want to take business off the Trading Companies and other shopkeepers.
They might not like our new enterprise, but we don't even want gold! So maybe they could learn a thing or two. Just like our Parrots!

What is the Pirate Emporium?

We're kind of a union of shopkeepers. Nothing so formal as the Merchant Alliance, just a group of merchants who want Ancient Coins.
Though, our bosses in the outside world are a pretty big deal! They have a ton of money and influence.
That's why pets are only the beginning. We have figureheads, sails, cannons... and pet outfits!