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Face, Meet Palm Emote
Face, Meet Palm Emote.png
Type Emote
Set Standalone Cosmetics
Location Vanity Chest

The Face, Meet Palm Emote is an Emote variant in Sea of Thieves.
Like all Emotes, the Face, Meet Palm Emote can be performed through the Pirate Wheel of Emotions once the Emote has been equipped at a Vanity Chest.


The Face, Meet Palm Emote can be equipped from the Vanity Chest, but requires:

In-game description

"Sometimes, the only way to succinctly express your mood is by slapping your own face."


  • Face, Meet Palm was promoted with two other names: "Headslap Emote" and "D'Oh Headslap".
  • The unused "D'oh Headslap" name is a reference to The Simpsons character, Homer Simpson, and his exclamatory catchphrase, "D'oh!".