Fallen Sea Dog Lantern
Fallen Sea Dog Lantern.png
Type Lantern
Set Standalone Cosmetics

The Fallen Sea Dog Lantern is a Lantern cosmetic variant from the Standalone Cosmetics Set.


The Fallen Sea Dog Lantern can be obtained by the following methods:

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  1. To acquire this Lantern, start by sailing to Sea Dog's Rest. Once there, you will find the skeleton next to a music box and a series of footprints on the North West beach.
  2. Follow these footprints to the Northern side of the Island. There, you will find a note between two rocks.
    Dialogue icon.png

    From shell of red into water deep, the truth shall come to light…

  3. Head to the South East side of the Island. There, you will find a pointed red sea shell on the beach. The shell is pointing East by South East. Swim into the water from the shell in the direction it is pointing. You will find a red glowing chest on the sea floor a short distance from the shore. Interact with it to acquire the Fallen Sea Dog's Lantern.

In-game description

"A lantern found in a sunken chest near Sea Dog's Rest. Surprisingly, it still works..."


The Fallen Sea Dog Lantern acts as a Quest Item to reveal clues during the Murder Mystery, functioning very similarly to the Enchanted Lantern. This is the first retainable cosmetic item to bear a special ability.


  • The Fallen Sea Dog Lantern uses the same Pirate Chat wheel and ambient sound effects as the Enchanted Lantern. It also features similar visual effects, but with a red hue instead of a blue one.

Patch history

  • 2.5.2
    • (Undocumented) Introduced.
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