The Ferry of the Damned

Fiery oof the damned

The Ferry of the Damned is a ship that a player will encounter upon dying. Similar to Davy Jones's Locker, the Ferry acts as a euphemism for a player's return to the living world.


You can move freely aboard the ship and once the door to the captain's quarters opens, you can rejoin the normal Sea of Thieves environment. You cannot leave or jump of the ship.

It is possible to interact with the Ferryman of the ship through the game's conversation system. Players can still emote and speak to each other using both proximity chat including emotes while on the ferry.


- Players must wait out a 30 second delay before entering through the doors.

- According to the development staff, The pirate captain of the ship is cursed to ferry pirates from death to life for all time

- Near the Location M12 on the Map the ferry of the Damned can be seen underwater provided you swin down far enough, Living players are barred from reaching the ship by an invisible barrier. Due to the depth of the ship it is normally only visible at Night

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