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Type NPC
Location Ferry of the Damned


The Ferryman is the captain of the Ferry of the Damned. He allows dead pirates to return to The Sea of Thieves.


Regular Dialogue:

Dialogue icon.png

Return to the sunlit world while you can, for tomorrow may bring calamity.

You don't look happy to be here.

Happiness is the prerogative of the living.
My needs are of no consequence.
I serve the role my Lord required of me...

What is that thing in the hold?!

The Well of Fates... and within it the Flames of Fate.
They know how you die. They know how you live.
They make this vessel... possible.

Why do you save us from the Sea of the Damned?

You think you are saved? Hmmm.
I will speak no more of this.
Linger not among the dead, pirate...
There will be plenty of time for that on the day that my portal does not open for you.

During the Festival of the Damned at October 2020:

Dialogue icon.png

Are you another seeking to plunder from my Well of Fates, that its flames might quell the restless shadows that plague the living world?

What's the 'Well of Fates' you spoke of?

Do you not see it? The torch that burns brightest aboard my ship; an eternal beacon that illuminates the conduit between life and death.
The hue of the flame shifts to reflect the manner in which the dead departed your world. As their final memory, it shapes their soul.
It is the power of those flames that can draw forsaken lives - those you refer to as 'Shadows of Fate' - fully back across the void.
it is for that reason that many pirates now seek to dip their lantern into the Well of Fates, and carry its light with them as they return.
They keep the flames alive aboard their vessels by transferring them to the lanterns there, or by lighting beacons high above the waves.
I do not approve. I do not condemn. The worth of these actions shall be judged in due time by those with an... interest... in your affairs.

Tell me more about these flames.

There are six of which I may speak... The blue flame, signifying the fateful bite of some ravenous undersea creature...
The red flame, which tells of a life extinguished by a great conflagration...
The green flame, which calls out to those whose life was ended at the hands of those no longer living...
The white flame, summoning those unfortunate souls struck down by the heavens themselves!
The purple flame, for those who felt the fatality of venom coursing through their veins...
I shall, of course, not omit the pink flame, guiding those pirates who fell in combat with another of their kind.

Are you taking part in the festival?

Never! There are those who claim I should be honoured by such debauchery, but they have no comprehension of my burden.
Were I to cast aside my obligations and subsume myself in revelry as they do, the consequences would be beyond calamitous!
And yet, perhaps... If there were to be cake... Bah! I tire of your interrogation. Begone!