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Festival of Giving (2019)
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Type Content Update
Patch 2.0.10
Duration December 11th, 2019 - January 15th, 2020
Update Chronology
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The Seabound Soul (Content Update) Legends of the Sea (Content Update)
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December’s update has arrived! Festival of Giving is our last Monthly Content Update for the year, seeking to bring a little festive fun to the Sea of Thieves.

Festival of Giving is the name of the December 2019 Monthly Content Update for Sea of Thieves, released on December the 11th and lasting until January the 15th, 2020. The Festival of Giving Content Update was preceded by the November The Seabound Soul (Content Update) and followed by the January 2020 Legends of the Sea (Content Update).

New features[]

Calendar of Giving[]

Main article: Calendar of Giving

Throughout December 13 - 24, 2019, Players who log in each day, get to take part in the Advent Calendar style Calendar of Giving that rewards players with Cosmetics, unique Mercenary Voyages and x2 boosts to Reputation or Currency gains each day.

Maiden Voyage[]

Main article: Maiden Voyage

The Maiden Voyage provides players new to Sea of Thieves a safe space to learn about the world they’re about to reach. Taking place on a new island, the Maiden Voyage will teach players actions from the basics such as eating food and using a cutlass, through to sailing their ship and facing off against their first threats out at sea.

Onboarding Voyages[]

Main article: Onboarding Voyage

The Gold Hoarder Trading Company now offers all new recruits an onboarding Voyage to help teach them the ropes, from voting on Voyages to retrieving treasure.

Ashen Skeleton Forts[]

Main article: Skeleton Fort

Crews warn of ominous Red Skull Clouds appearing on the horizon. By engaging with these Skeleton Forts, crews will fight through enemy waves and encounter Ashen Key Masters or Ashen Guardians before finally facing a Skeleton Lord! Upon their defeat, Skeleton Lords will not only drop the Stronghold Key but a set of Skeleton's Orders leading to a stash hidden somewhere nearby. In addition to regular Fort rewards, crews will find guaranteed Ashen Chests along with gifts to be returned to The Reaper’s Hideout!

Festival of Giving Mercenary Voyages[]

Main article: Gift Seeker Voyages

New time-limited Mercenary Voyages:

New items[]

Tomes of Power[]

Main article: Ashen Tomes

Stitcher Jim and the Outpost stores both have new stocks of Ashen Dragon Set cosmetics, rewarding players for collecting the next volume of Ashen Tomes hidden inside recovered Ashen Chests. In the Festival of Giving update, players can recover Tomes of Power, allowing access to new Commendations and cosmetics including items from the clothing, weapon, item and ship sets. Players will continue to find Tomes of Curses to allow access to previous Ashen cosmetics.


Skeleton crews have begun to seek out the scattered Gifts and hoard them at Skeleton Forts. Stitcher Jim offers players Gift Seeker Voyages to investigate the Forts and retrieve these gifts, but beware – rumours tell of the vicious Mutinous Helmsman protecting the hoard…

Maiden Voyage Cosmetics[]

Two new unlockable Cosmetics are available from uncovering secrets and finishing all the Commendations on the Maiden Voyage!

New Ashen Dragon Cosmetics[]

As stated before, six new Ashen Dragon Set items are available in return for delivering all the Tomes of Power to the Bilge Rats

Totalling 31,740‬ Gold

New Black Market Items[]

Main article: Black Market

Stitcher Jim is in good spirits and has refreshed the Black Market with a range of new items. With the introduction of the Aristocrat Clothing Set, completion of the Mercenary Equipment Set and the eerie Nightshine Parrot Ship, he’s sure he has something to tempt you for your coinage.

Stitcher Jim has introduced the Black Market Archive, providing access to all previously released Black Market items. After their initial Black Market release at a discounted rate, items will be moved to this persistent store and remain on sale, but at full price. Get them early when you can!

Desirables for Doubloons[]

This month, players will have to put aside 310 Doubloons if they want to buy all the new items from the Black Market.

Aristocrat Clothing[]

Introducing the Aristocrat clothing set! The Aristocrat Jacket, Dress and Hat are all available for Doubloons.

Totalling 185 Doubloons

Mercenary Equipment[]

Also available for Doubloons this month are the remaining Mercenary Set items to help complete the set: the Mercenary Bucket, Fishing Rod, Lantern, Compass, Shovel, Speaking Trumpet, Spyglass and Tankard!

Totalling 125 Doubloons

Goodies for Gold[]

This month, players will have to put aside 1,022,990‬ Gold to buy everything new from the Black Market.

Stonewall Imperial Sovereign Clothing[]

For those pirates looking to reign over their rivals, this month brings a twist on the Imperial Sovereign clothing set. Players can acquire the full Stonewall Imperial Sovereign clothing set with gold!

Totalling 266,980‬ Gold

Nightshine Parrot Ship Set[]

This month gives a twist to the Parrot ship set with the eerie Nightshine design. Players can purchase the complete Nightshine Parrot ship set with gold!

Totalling 756,010 Gold

New Emporium items[]

With fresh goods smuggled into the Sea of Thieves each month, the Pirate Emporium has been restocked with rare goods and festive treats. Head to the Emporium from the Sea of Thieves main menu before jumping into the game, or at an Outpost via the store above the Order of Souls tent!

Spreading the festive cheer, the Pirate Emporium offers a range of discounts across older inventory items with discounts on pets, outfits, ships and emotes for the duration of the Content Update.

Counting Bundles, players will have to put aside a total of 8,126‬‬ Ancient Coins to purchase everything added to the Emporium (Note that Pet Outfits can only be purchased if the Player already owns the specific Pets).

Seasonal items[]

For this month only, you can pick up discounted bundles for the Parakeet and Barbary, each dressed in a festive outfit.

Festival of Giving Weapon Bundle[]

Festival of Giving Pet Outfits[]

Totalling 1,494 Ancient Coins

Festival of Giving Parakeet Bundle[]

Festival of Giving Barbary Bundle[]

New Permanent Pet Outfits[]

Aside from the Seasonal Festival of Giving Pet Outfits (see above), this update introduces the Pirate Legend Pet Outfits (only available for Pirate Legends and Kraken Pet Outfits.

Pirate Legend Pet Outfits[]

Pirate Legends can pick up something exclusive this month, with the introduction of the Pirate Legend pet outfits! Go to the pet section of the Pirate Emporium to purchase an outfit before heading to the Pet Chest to equip it.

Totalling 1,494 Ancient Coins

Kraken Pet Outfits[]

The popular Kraken-themed outfit, now for your loyal companion! Each pet can now dress to match its owner with this classic set. Go to the pet section of the Pirate Emporium to purchase an outfit before heading to the Pet Chest to equip it.

Totalling 1,494 Ancient Coins

New Emotes[]

The latest craze sweeping the Sea of Thieves, or perhaps some form of ancient crab worship? Whatever your reason, represent your love for crabs with this new dance emote.

Storyteller Emote Bundle[]

A range of new storytelling emotes has been added, providing players with expressive tools for embellishing their tales. Show your crew how you sneaked onto a rival ship and destroyed their Gunpowder Keg – or tell them about that monster fish you nearly caught!

Bilge Rat Emote Bundle[]

Always felt a little out of place when surrounded by those serious pirate types? Looking for a spot of adventure, and maybe some trouble along the way? Pick up the Bilge Rats Persona Bundle, providing a fresh set of core emotes with big Bilge Rat attitude!

Hide & Sneak Emote Bundle[]

The Hide and Sneak Bundle offers a new set of emotes for stealthy pirates. Looking to sneak onto a rival’s ship and hide away, waiting to strike? This bundle contains both serious and silly options for your stowaway antics, with an emote given away for FREE! When using these emotes, your gamertag and title will be hidden automatically for as long as you stay silent. However, should you speak up your gamertag and title will quickly reappear, so keep quiet to stay hidden!

Charity Items[]

A new Charity tab has been added to the Pirate Emporium, offering items available for Ancient Coins on behalf of a great cause. Purchase the Noble Pathfinder Sails and all proceeds from the purchase are donated to SpecialEffect. Visit for terms and conditions!

New Commendations, Titles & Achievements[]


The Following Commendations are available with the Festival of Giving Content Update

Maiden Voyage Commendations[]

"Learn the ropes on your first adventure, the passage to the Sea of Thieves"

Ashen Treasures Commendations[]

Mercenary Voyages Commendations[]

New Titles[]

The following are all the Titles introduced with the Festival of Giving Content Update

Title Requirement
Seeker of Reaper’s Tribute Complete a Gift Seeker Voyage in each of the three main regions. (time-limited)
Giver of Gifts Complete all Humble, Generous, Bounteous and Charitable Giving Commendations. (time-limited)
Scholar of Power Sell all 5 Tomes of Power.
Maiden Voyager After braving the journey through the shroud you have reached the Sea of Thieves!

New Achievements[]

A range of Xbox achievements have been added for unlocking in-game Commendations. A total of 35 gamerscore is available to earn from this update, and these achievements will persist in the game for future updates.

  • Tome of Power I [5G]
  • Tome of Power II [5G]
  • Tome of Power III [5G]
  • Tome of Power IV [5G]
  • Tome of Power V [5G]
  • Tome of Power Collector [10G]