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Festival of the Damned
Festival of the Damned.png
Type Content Update
Patch 1.3.2
Duration October 30th - November 27th, 2018
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Forsaken Shores Shrouded Spoils
Celebrate the Ferry of the Damned - the Well of Fates awaits memorable deaths!

The Festival of the Damned is a Bilge Rat Adventure, with challenges centered around utilizing Flames of Fate to honour the Ferryman.

Players can collect a Flame of Fate from the Well of Fates while presenting their lantern if they've died in one of six different ways. The flame in their lantern will be colored according to the method of their demise. That colored flame can then be used to light lanterns on ships, rowboats, and beacons. On their next death, a player's personal lantern flame is reset to the default color.

Flames of Fate[]

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  • Sailor Flame (Yellow) - The default Flame color, has no effect.
  • The Flame of Lost Seafarers (Blue) - Death by Shark or Megalodon.
  • The Flame of Burning Hearts (Red) - Death by Fire from Firebombs or Gunpowder Barrels or death by Volcanoes (falling rocks or lava).
  • The Flame of Cursed Bones (Green) - Death by Skeleton.
  • The Flame of Treacherous Weather (White) - Death by Lightning.
  • The Flame of the Viper (Purple) - Death by Poison. This includes Snake, Kraken, and Venomball poison.
  • The Flame of Embattled Souls (Pink) - Death by enemy Pirates.

Beacon locations[]

Main article: Beacons

Time-limited items[]

These time-limited items were offered for purchase from Duke for the duration of the Festival of the Damned and are no longer available for purchase.



Title Requirement
"Legend of The Damned" Title Unlock 'Legend of The Damned' commendation.