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Fightin’ Frogs Set
Fightin’ Frogs Set Galleon.png
Type Cosmetic Set
Cost 4,690 AncientCoin.png

The Fightin’ Frogs Set is a cosmetic Ship set themed around Rare's video game series, Battletoads.

Until March 26th, 2021, players could earn the ship set, and related Ratcatcher title for free to by completing Act One in the 2020 release of Battletoads.

The ship set was also made available in the Pirate Emporium along with brand new Collector's variants of the Sails and Figurehead.

Players can additionally purchase a themed Emote.

Set Components[]


  • Total Cost: 149 AncientCoin.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Fightin’ Frog Flex Emote 149 AncientCoin.png
n/a Emote "A pose that shows off your marauder's muscles, named after a trio of infamous brawlers."

Ship Components[]

  • Total Cost: 4,541 AncientCoin.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Collector’s Fightin’ Frogs Figurehead 799 AncientCoin.png
n/a Figurehead "Leap into battle with a figurehead that's sure to put the fear of frogs into any evil monarchs."
Collector’s Fightin’ Frogs Sails 799 AncientCoin.png
n/a Sails "These sails announce your amphibious appreciation to the sea, the sky, the stars and beyond!"
Fightin’ Frogs Cannon 349 AncientCoin.png
n/a Cannons "These mighty cannons pack a real punch... capable of blasting away the darkest of foes."
Fightin’ Frogs Capstan 349 AncientCoin.png
n/a Capstan "This capstan's frog ornaments look real enough to give you a nasty rash."
Fightin’ Frogs Figurehead 599 AncientCoin.png
n/a Figurehead "Frogs were once revered as warrior spirits by the ancients. Invoke their fighting power!"
Fightin’ Frogs Flag 349 AncientCoin.png
n/a Flag "Rats have a mysterious aversion to ships that fly this flag."
Fightin’ Frogs Hull 349 AncientCoin.png
n/a Hull "This paint seems to give your ship a boost of amphibious power... but don't try to take it on land."
Fightin’ Frogs Sails 599 AncientCoin.png
n/a Sails "These sails were created by three friends, famous for their fighting skills... and skin conditions."
Fightin’ Frogs Wheel 349 AncientCoin.png
n/a Wheel "The wheel of choice for any ship that wants to look mean and green."