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Figurehead of the First Crew
Figurehead of the First Crew.png
Type Figurehead
Set Standalone Cosmetics
Location Shipwright Shop
Cost 3,202,018 Gold.png

The Figurehead of the First Crew is a Figurehead variant in Sea of Thieves.
The Figurehead of the First Crew functions identically to other Figurehead versions, providing only a unique appearance.


The Figurehead of the First Crew is purchased from the Shipwright Shop

In-game description

"Depicts a motley crew who, legend has it, sailed the Sea of Thieves before the Pirate Lord."


  • The gold cost of the Figurehead is a reference to the release date of Sea of Thieves: March 20, 2018.
  • The Figurehead depicts the early white pill-shaped models that were used as placeholders for player models in early development builds of the game.