Firebomb Crate

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Firebomb Crate
Firebomb Crate.png
Type Resource Crate
Company Merchant Alliance icon.png Merchant Alliance
Source Mercenary Voyages
Base Gold Reward 1,150-1,950 Gold.png
Emissary Value 3000

Firebomb Crates are Resource Crate that can hold up to 20 Firebombs in Sea of Thieves.

Where to Find[edit | edit source]

Firebomb Crates can currently only be found from the Athena’s Run of Thieves’ Haven Mercenary Voyages. They are one of the treasures dug up from an X Marks the Spot Map on Thieves' Haven.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

A single Firebomb Crate can store up to 20 Firebombs. A filled Firebomb Crate can be sold to any Merchant Alliance Trading Company Representative on any Outpost for 1150-1950 Gold. Unlike other Resource Crates, there is no Merchant Map or Voyage Commission to provide a better reward for turning in a filled Crate.

Pirate Chat Wheel[edit | edit source]

Here is the Pirate Chat Wheel for the Firebomb Crate:

Firebomb Crate Wheel.png