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Flag Of The Reaper’s Mark
Flag Of The Reaper’s Mark.png
Type Flag
Set Sailor
Location Ship Flag Box

The Flag Of The Reaper’s Mark is a Flag variant in Sea of Thieves.
The Flag of the Reaper's Mark is a cursed flag that reveals the location of any ship that dares to fly it.
The location any ship with this Flag equipped will be shown on the Map Table for all ships.


The Flag Of The Reaper’s Mark can be equipped from the Ship Flag Box

In-game description

"BEWARE: The Reaper's Mark whispers across the waves and glows with an accursed light. The location of a ship bearing this flag will be known to all."

The Map Marker of a Ship flying the Reaper's Flag.


  • In practice, a red flag signified intention to eliminate a target ship with no quarter.


  • The flag's skull design, known as the Reaper’s Mark, is the same as used in the game's logo.
  • The Reaper's Mark is commonly used by various "Fleet" Community Servers (e.g. The Pirate Council) for server takeovers, events and tournaments to find two players ships on the same server. Once two players are on the same server, both will notify the other of their location before activating their reapers Mark. If a Reapers Mark appears at the described location, the two crews have successfully joined the same server.