Sea of Thieves Wiki
Type Weather

Fog is a Weather effect that can envelop 1/3 of a Region in thick white mist. Fog can spawn in any region, and usually lasts for more than an entire day. Foggy weather calms the seas, quieting the waves and the atmosphere. When sailing through Fog, water is still and cannot be heard, with only a slight and eerie hum of a tune accompanying the Ship. Thick Fog covers everything that is not immediately adjacent to the ship, making Landmarks and other Ships difficult to find or see. Therefore Fog is excellent for sneaking up on others or losing any ships chasing one around.


  • The Fort of the Damned is surrounded by a thick fog that can't be seen through from the outside, but can from the inside.
  • Skeletons are not affected by the impairing visual effects of Fog, meaning that they can shoot at the ship with a Cannon from Islands even if you cannot see them.
  • Sometimes the Fog can bug out and instead of hiding all the vessels inside it, show every Ship and Rowboat within the Fog.


  • In order to gain more visibility in a Fog, Players can climb on top of the Crow's Nest or aim the Ship's Cannons as high as possible and shoot themselves in the air above the Fog.
  • While the fog obscures vision, emissary ships can still be found in the fog via the audible cue when looking at an emissary ship through the spyglass even when completely obscured.