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Fort of Fortune
Type World Event

The World Event[]

Forts of Fortune are one of the rotating World Events with Kraken attacks in between. A Fort of Fortune is indicated by a skull cloud, similar to that of a Skeleton Fort, with the difference of glowing red scars and eyes. This cloud can appear above the following forts: Hidden Spring Keep, Keel Haul Fort, Skull Keep, Crow's Nest Fortress, Shark Fin Camp, Sailor’s Knot Stronghold, Lost Gold Fort, and Kraken Watchtower. A loud horn plays whenever a Fort of Fortune appears. This horn can be heard anywhere, with the volume increasing as the players get closer. When there is no World Event present, the Kraken will appear and attack one ship before the appearance of the next World Event. If a Fort of Fortune cloud is not present, Players will have to complete the currently active World Event, or if either isn't present, sail into open seas to get a Kraken to spawn and move on to the next World Event upon its defeat.

The Battle[]

The battle consists of 18 waves of skeletons.
The first 15 waves act mostly identical to waves of a Skeleton Fort, with the difference of every 4-5th wave having 3 Skeleton Captains. These captains drop Villainous Bounty Skulls, Gold Pouches and Skeleton's Orders when defeated. The Skeleton's Orders point to the active Fort and reveal one of the following items:

The 16th wave is identical to the last wave of a Skeleton Fort, with a few skeletons and a Skeleton Lord, the Mutinous Helmsman, to fight. This boss drops a Stronghold Skull, Gold Pouches and Skeleton's Orders that lead to a Rag and Bone Crate.
The 17th wave is almost identical to the 16th, with 2 Skeleton Lords (the Two-Faced Scoundrel and The Duchess) appearing. These bosses drop a Stronghold Skull, Gold Pouches and Skeleton's Orders that lead to Rag and Bone Crates each.
The 18th and last wave consists of 1 Ashen Lord. This Ashen Lord acts similar to the Ashen Lords found at the Ashen Winds world event, with the difference of the inability to perform the Boulder Throw attack.
Once the Players finish off the Ashen Lord, it drops an Ashen Winds Skull, Gold Pouches and the Fort of Fortune Key.


The following Treasure is rewarded for completing a Fort of Fortune world event:

The Players can open the vault under the stronghold on the fort using the Fort of Fortune Key. The rewards inside are the following:


The following Commendations are related to the Fort of Fortune World Event:

Order of Souls[]

Notes and Tips[]

  • Once the Fort of Fortune appears, all of the crews around the map will know its position, so players heading to finish it should expect other crews attacking for the valuable loot.
  • Items dug up during the first 15 waves can be used as weapons against the Skeleton Lords and the final Ashen Lord boss.
  • Aside from the Skeletons who will man any Cannons that are in range of any approaching Ships, your own crewmates can also make use of these Cannons to keep any other Ships away from the Fort. Ideally, one player may remain on the ship to keep watch for rival crews.
  • The large number of Gunpowder Barrels on a Fortress make them a good tool for dispatching entire waves of Skeletons (these are especially useful against more durable enemies), however these can also be used to blow up any approaching enemy Ships, or even used against the bosses of the Fort. Watch out, as these can also be used against your own ship!
  • If you can lure the Skeleton Lords or the Ashen Lord on the beach or a visible spot, you can position your ships Cannons towards the Lord and kill them with Cannonballs.
  • The Fort of Fortune Key, dropped by the final boss, is visible on the map, making it harder for players to hide.
  • It is not recommended to carelessly open the vault, without checking for incoming ships and enemy players, that can be hiding on the fort itself.
  • If you're in danger of being contested by other crews or you don't want to take any risks, it's a good practice to blow up the Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels and Kegs of Ancient Black Powder immediately after opening the vault.
  • When you have finished a Fort and are looting the vault, make use of the Ship Harpoons to make transporting Treasure easier. Try parking your Ship closer to the Vault. Many Forts also spawn a Rowboat to help with Treasure transport.
  • If the Vault is left unopened after completion, and a regular Skeleton Fort happens to spawn at the same location, the Fort of Fortune Key will be unusable. However, the vault will have all the loot from both Forts.