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Fort of the Damned (Content Update)
Fort of the Damned (Content Update).png
Type Content Update
Patch 2.0.8
Duration October 16, 2019 - November 20th, 2019
Update Chronology
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Smuggler's Fortune The Seabound Soul (Content Update)
An eerie mist rolls into the Sea of Thieves, it transpires that not all the Dark Relics were safely retrieved, and twisted rituals have secretly continued. Dark Forces have begun to emerge from the shadows, seizing an old fort for their evil rituals and opening a window to the Sea of the Damned. Rally your crew and battle through the emerging Shadows of Fate to thwart their evil schemes!

The Fort of the Damned Content Update was released with the 2.0.8 Patch and ran between October 16th - November 20th 2019, featuring a new raid type encounter with Bilge Rats andMercenary Voyages Commendations, Titles and unlockable cosmetics. The Fort of the Damned Update was preceded by the Smuggler’s Fortune and followed by The Seabound Soul Content Updates.

New Features[]

Fort of the Damned[]

Dark forces have seized Old Boot Fort and begun their eerie rituals, twisting it into the Fort of the Damned! Pushing through the mist to reach the island, crews must light the six Ferryman statues with the correct Flames of Fate retrieved from the Ferry of the Damned to release the ritual altar. Sacrificing a Ritual Skull to the altar, crews can summon forth the Shadows of Fate and fight back the horde before facing off against a familiar ghastly apparition. Those fearless enough to take on the Fort will announce their presence to the rest of the world via a new red skull cloud visible to all crews on the horizon. Success bestows a range of high-value rewards from a bountiful supply of Stronghold Kegs, chests and skulls through to a guaranteed Chest of Legends and two Reaper’s Chests in the vault. Be sure to check the ship’s map! The Fort of the Damned will become a permanent addition to the world after the Fort of the Damned update, allowing players to tackle this threat at any time.

Skull Seeker Voyages[]

Main article: Skull Seeker Voyages

Stitcher Jim has warned of the presence of a dangerous new type of Shadow Skeletons ambushing pirates across the seas. While Duke doesn’t know the exact locations of these Shadows of Fate himself, he does know where to find Shadow Captains holding treasure maps leading to these dangerous entities. While these treasure maps also lead to high-value rewards, Duke warns players to collect to the Ritual Skulls they find as they will be needed to take on the Fort of the Damned! Duke will even offer Doubloon rewards to players who don’t want to take on the ominous Fort. Pick up a free Bounty Voyage from Duke for your region and head out to take them down! Pirate Legends are offered a more rewarding Bounty Voyage allowing them to retrieve multiple Ritual Skulls along with other rewards. All Skull Seeker Voyages are time-limited for the duration of the Fort of the Damned update.

New time-limited Mercenary Voyages to help players acquire Ritual Skulls to activate the Fort of the Damned:

Emergent Skeleton Captains[]

Reports from across The Sea of Thieves tell of roaming Skeleton Captains sighted on islands. These will drop a Villainous Bounty Skull upon defeat, in addition to a Skeleton’s Orders map pinpointing the location of a buried stash. These stashes provide a range of high-value rewards, including a guaranteed Ritual Skull and a strong chance of digging up a Reaper’s Chest!

Shadow of Fate Skeletons[]

Main article: Shadow of Fate

A new type of Shadow Skeletons have been spotted at the Fort of the Damned during a raid. These new Skeletons require the use of Flames of Fate to defeat!


Main article: Banjos

Players will now find the new Banjo instrument in the second page of their Item Radial. Join in with your crew with all the regular shanties on your new Banjo!

New items[]

Players will have to put aside around 686,095 Gold to buy all the new non-time-limited items added to the game with the Update.


The Outpost equipment stores now stock a wide range of banjos; purchase your favourite before strumming away with your crew.

Totalling 78,800 Gold

Hunter Ship Cosmetics[]

The Outpost Shipwrights now stock the remaining ship cosmetics to complete the Hunter’s Ship Set. Players will find that the Hunter Cannons, Capstan and Wheel are now available for purchase.

Totalling 147,000 Gold

New Skirts, Tops & Dresses[]

The Outpost clothing stores now stock a range of new dresses, skirts, leggings and shirts suited to female pirates. However as with all clothing on the Sea of Thieves everyone is free to dress however they please. Does your pirate look fetching in that crop-top? Rock it!

Total cost: 58,860‬ Gold

New Hair and Underwear Dyes[]

The Outpost Clothing Stores now stock a range of new Dyes for you to pick from.

Coloured Underwear
Vibrant Hair Dyes
Two-Tone Hair Dyes

Ferryman of the Damned items[]

The Outpost clothing store has been stocked with a selection of new Ferryman of the Damned themed cosmetics to celebrate the Festival of the Damned. Players can dress up as their favourite eternal ferryman with these new cosmetics. All Ferryman of the Damned Rewards will become a permanent addition to the world after the Fort of the Damned update.

Totaling 93,710‬‬ Gold

New Black Market items[]

Duke’s Black Market has been refreshed and now offers a range of new items; from the introduction of the beloved ‘Wild Rose’ set through to the previously unattainable ‘Wailing Barnacle’ clothing – there’ll surely be something to tempt all pirates. Remember these offers will only last until the next Monthly Content Update, so grab them now! (Duke has also mentioned that these items will appear back in stock in future updates.)

Desirables for Doubloons[]

This month, players will have to put aside 690 Doubloons if they want to buy everything from Duke.

Fearless Bone Crusher Weapons[]

Continuing the Bone Crusher theme, Duke is offering the Fearless Bone Crusher Weapons this month. Available for Doubloons, players can acquire the Fearless Bone Crusher Flintlock, Fearless Bone Crusher Blunderbuss, Fearless Bone Crusher Cutlass and Fearless Bone Crusher Eye of Reach.

Totalling 275 Doubloons

Wailing Barnacle Clothing[]

Duke has heard your pleas! This month he has stocked the previously unattainable Wailing Barnacle Clothing allowing pirates to finally complete this soggy set. Available for Doubloons, players can pick up the Eyepatch of the Wailing Barnacle, Hook of the Wailing Barnacle, Pegleg of the Wailing Barnacle, Gloves of the Wailing Barnacle, Belt of the Wailing Barnacle and Booths of the Wailing Barnacle.

Totalling 165 Doubloons

Wild Rose Clothing[]

Introduced in the Shores of Gold Tall Tales, this month offers the beginnings of the Wild Rose Clothing – Collect the Wild Rose Jacket, Wild Rose Hat and Wild Rose Dress all available for Doubloons.

Totalling 250 Doubloons

Goodies for Gold[]

This month, players will have to put aside 577,800 Gold to buy everything from Duke.

Redcoat Executive Admiral Clothing[]

How about something for your gold? This month releases a twist on the Executive Admiral Clothing Set. Players can acquire the full clothing set for Gold!

Totalling 355,950 Gold

Deep Ocean Crawler Equipment[]

Continuing the Ocean Crawler theme, this month Duke delivers the Deep Ocean Crawler Items for players to earn. By digging into their gold reserves, players can acquire the Deep Ocean Crawler Bucket, Deep Ocean Crawler Compass, Deep Ocean Fishing Rod, Deep Ocean Crawler Lantern, Deep Ocean Crawler Pocket Watch, Deep Ocean Crawler Shovel, Deep Ocean Crawler Speaking Trumpet, Deep Ocean Crawler Spyglass and Deep Ocean Crawler Tankard.

Totalling 221,850 Gold

New Emporium items[]

Counting Bundles, players will have to put aside a total of 7,589 Ancient Coins to purchase everything added to the Emporium (Note that Pet Outfits can only be purchased if the Player already owns the Pets).

Skeleton Pets[]

Two new Spooky Skeletal versions of the Parrot and Monkey Pets are available for purchase for this month only!

Bilge Rat Pet Outfits[]

All of the previous Pet Species can now equip a Bilge Rat Pet Outfit.

Emote Packs[]

Variety Emotes Bundle 2[]

Eight new variety Emotes are available for purchase!

Taunt Emotes Bundle[]

In addition to the variety bundles, Pirates can also buy 4 new Emotes to Taunt their friends or enemies with!

Cutthroat Ship Collection[]

Main article: Cutthroat Set

The second Emporium exclusive ship Cosmetic Set is the Cutthroat Set inspired by Rare's Killer Instinct fighting game franchise.

Cutthroat Ship Bundle[]

Collector’s Cutthroat items[]

Commendations, Titles & Achievements[]

A range of Mercenary Commendations are available to unlock for helping Duke fight back the Shadow of Fate threat emerging across the sea, earning players Doubloons as well as unlocking the ‘Skull Keeper’ Title. All Flame of Fate Voyage Commendations, Doubloons and Title are time-limited for the duration of the Fort of the Damned update.


The Following Commendations are available as a part of the Fort of the Damned Event.

Fort of the Damned Commendations[]

Only the stoutest pirate would wake the dead and take them on in their own Fort! Are you such a death-defier?

These Commendations arrive with the new Fort of the Damned Raid and will be permanently available.

Mercenary Voyages Commendations[]

These Commendations are tied to this month’s Fort of the Damned Content Update Voyages and Events and are time-limited.

New Titles[]

The following are all the Titles introduced with the Fort of the Damned Content Update

Title Requirement
Raider of the Damned Clear the Fort of the Damned of all enemies, 50 times. (Conquering the Damned Commendation).
Skull Keeper Complete a Skull Seeker Voyage in each of the main regions. (Ritual Skulls Retrieved from Across the Sea of Thieves commendation); (time-limited).

New Achievements[]

A range of Achievements have been added to the Fort of the Damned Update for unlocking in-game Commendations. A total of 35 Gamerscore is available to earn from this update and these Achievements will persist in the game for future updates.

  • ‘Smile, you son of a…’ [20G] - Defeating a Shark by detonating a Gunpowder Keg in its vicinity will now earn the player the ‘Smile, you son of a…’ Achievement.
  • ‘A Spectrum of Shadows’ [5G] - Defeat one of each colour of Shadow of Fate
  • ‘Summoning the Damned’ [5G] - Activate the Fort of the Damned once
  • ‘Defeating the Damned’ [10G] - Clear the Fort of the Damned of all enemies, and open the vault
  • ‘Banishing the Damned’ [15G] - Clear the Fort of the Damned of all enemies, and open the vault, 10 times