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Type Location
Disambig.png This article is about the Location. For the World Event, see Skeleton Fort.

A Fortress is a type of Island Location in Sea of Thieves. Forts can become active with Skeletons during the Skeleton Fort World Event.


Every Fort Island is set up like a Motte and Bailey Castle with the main fortress built on top a hill with a heavily fortified courtyard below. The fortification structures surrounding the main Fortress itself are made of plain wood, however they are surrounded by spikes on shorelines and guard towers both built on the walls and inside the surrounding shorelines. Most of the in-land towers are fitted with Cannons and Barrels with two featuring Ammo Chests. The sea-towers all contain 3 Cannons and a few Barrels. The main fortress structure has 3-4 floors and a Treasure Vault below it that becomes locked during a Skeleton Fort World Event.


An ominous skull cloud appears over an active fortress waiting to be raided.

Skeleton Fort World Event[]

Main article: Skeleton Fort

Every now and then, one Fort can become manned by a crew of Skeletons who hide their Stronghold Treasure in the Fortress Vault. An active fort is indicated by a large thunder cloud in the shape of a Skull with green eyes. During this World Event, any Player Crews approaching the Island will be shot by Skeletons using the Island's Cannons. Players will encounter 12 waves of Skeletons on the active Fort Island itself. There are three more "boss" waves, spawning a Skeleton Captain, an Ashen Guardian and Ashen Key Master and finally a Skeleton Lord. The Lord will drop a Stronghold Key that opens the locked Fortress Vault below the main structure.

List of Fortresses[]

Every main Region is home to 3 Skeleton Forts with The Devil's Roar only accommodating one. One of the Forts in The Ancient Isles, Old Boot Fort was turned into the Fort of the Damned during the second Halloween that houses its own World Event.

The Fortresses and their Map coordinates are as follows:

Name Grid Region
Keel Haul Fort C-6 The Shores of Plenty
Hidden Spring Keep I-8 The Shores of Plenty
Sailor's Knot Stronghold E-14 The Shores of Plenty
Lost Gold Fort H-17 The Ancient Isles
Old Boot Fort / Fort of the Damned L-14 The Ancient Isles
The Crow's Nest Fortress O-17 The Ancient Isles
Skull Keep P-9 The Wilds
Kraken Watchtower L-6 The Wilds
Shark Fin Camp P-5 The Wilds
Molten Sands Fortress Z-11 The Devil's Roar


  • All fortresses have watchtowers on the outside of the main building. These house cannons and are commonly mistaken for other player ships due to their appearance.