Fortresses are a type of location in Sea of Thieves. They are heavily fortified locations. When Skull clouds are above them they pose danger to passing ships.


Fortresses are heavily fortified locations around the world. Fortresses can be used to stock up on supplies for your ship. As barrels are stocked full of items around Fortresses, from Bananas, Wooden Planks and Cannonballs. A vast number Gunpowder Barrels are also stored around the forts for players to bring aboard. Occasionally Fortresses can be seen with a Skull cloud above them signaling to all players that a Fort raid is active and that Skeletons are protecting their loot within the locked vault door.

Types of Forts

List of Fortresses

Name Coordinates Region
Keel Haul Fort C-7 The Shores of Plenty
Hidden Spring Keep K-9 The Shores of Plenty
Sailor's Knot Stronghold F-17 The Shores of Plenty
Kraken Watchtower O-6 The Wilds
Shark Fin Camp U-5 The Wilds
Skull Keep U-11 The Wilds
Old Boot Fort P-17 The Ancient Isles
Lost Gold Fort J-21 The Ancient Isles
The Crow's Nest Fortress S-22 The Ancient Isles