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Galleon's Grave Outpost
GalleonsGraveOutpost 2.png
Type Outpost
Region The Wilds icon.png The Wilds
Coordinates R-8
"Welcome to Galleon's Grave Outpost - Sorry About the Smell"
— Signposts on Galleon's Grave Outpost

Galleon's Grave Outpost is one of the Outpost Locations in Sea of Thieves located within the Region of The Wilds at coordinate R-8.


This outpost is one of 7 in Sea of Thieves.

This outpost includes company NPC's, shops, and a tavern. The island features two large rock formations which meet high above the middle of the island, where, curiously, the remains of a galleon ship is perched. Across the rest of the island are colorful lights and steps leading upwards towards the galleon carcass. There are other ship remains about the island and a large skeleton of some creature long deceased.

They are island towns with a variety of characters and man-made structures.

Outposts are where new crews and their Ships spawn when beginning a game, or sometimes after their Ship is sunk.

Outposts contain Shops where items can be purchased. Each Outpost contains one of each Shop, some with their own unique items.

Representatives of Trading Companies can be found at Outposts, from whom Crews can pick up Voyages. Players can also Represent these Companies as Emissaries by using Emissary Tables.



  • One of the hanging targets outside of the Weaponsmith's Shop bears an easter egg referencing user @Cacci from the Sea of Thieves Scale Test.[1]
  • Kato (the dog that has appeared in some of the tales from the tavern podcasts) has a dog bowl on Galleons Grave Outpost at the very top.



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