The Gallion's Grave Outpost is a location in Sea of Thieves. It is visible on the map near the 9,X coordinates. Here players will find a Tavern, representatives from the Gold Hoarders and Merchant Alliance, vendors, and access to storage. Players starting a new adventure at this outpost will be able to pick up their Ships, initiation Voyages and supplies here. Voyage items that require delivery to another location can be picked up from any merchant, regardless of faction.

Store Inventory

Shipwright Shop

  • Hunter Flag
  • Shark Hunter Flag
  • Bilge Rat Figurehead
  • Sea Dog Figurehead
  • Rouge Sea Dog Figurehead
  • Sovereign Figurehead
  • Shark Hunter Figurehead
  • Bilge Rat Hull
  • Castaway Bilge Rat Hull
  • Scurvy Bilge Rat Hull
  • Hunter Hull
  • Sea Dog Hull
  • Ruffian Sea Dog Hull
  • Rouge Sea Dog Hull
  • Shark Hunter Hull
  • Bilge Rat Sails
  • Castaway Bilge Rat Sails
  • Scurvy Bilge Rat Sails
  • Hunter Sails
  • Sea Dog Sails
  • Ruffian Sea Dog Sails
  • Shark Hunter Sails
  • Rouge Sea Dog Sails
  • Black Sailor Sails
  • Grass Green Sailor Sails
  • Red Sailor Sails
  • Royal Blue Sailor Sails
  • Yellow Sailor Sails



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