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The Game Options Menu is a Menu devoted to Game Options and Settings, accessible in-game in Sea of Thieves.

The Game Options Menu can be accessed at any time during a game session by pressing the Esc Key on a Keyboard or the XboxOne View.png Button on a Controller.


Players can choose between 5 options: My Crew, Other Crews, Settings, Leave Game or Exit to Desktop (PC only).

My Crew[]

Under the My Crew, players can manage their Crew, Pets and Ship.

  • In Crew Management, Players can vote to Change the Crew Type between Open Crew or Closed Crew or vote to lock a specific Crew member into the Brig. For these two actions, players need to receive the maximum number of votes. Players can also choose to Mute a Crewmate's Voice, Text or Phrases chat or to choose whether Friends are allowed to join the Session or not.
  • In Pet Management, Players can dismiss their active Pet back to the Pet Chest.

Players can also vote to Scuttle Ship, which will make the Crew's Ship sink immediately and spawn somewhere else. This decision also needs the maximum number of votes.

Other Crews[]

Under the Other Crews, players can manage Pirates from other Crews and Ships.

In the Arena Game Mode, Players can see Team Compositions of other Crews, select individual enemy Players and choose to Mute their voice, text or phrases chat.

In Adventure and Arena, Players can also choose to Mute the voice, text or phrases chat of all other Crews.


Main article: Settings Menu

Settings allow players to view and modify various aspects regarding the game. A full list of viewable and ajustable settings can be found on Settings Menu.