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Disambig.png This article is about ghost fleet world event. For ghost ship voyages, see Ghost Ship Voyages. For skeleton fleet world event, see Skeleton Fleet.
Ghost Fleet
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Type World Event
Related Flameheart
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"My keep at the Heart of Fire... My Ashen Lords... ...all are merely facets of a greater plan for this world! Your self-righteous obstinance is proof enough that the Sea of Thieves is infested... ...with 'honour' and 'sacrifice'. DISEASED! The fires I shall bring will purify the waves. I shall reign above an empire of flame! And for my first decree… I ORDER YOUR ANNIHILATION!"
— Captain Flameheart, during a Ghost Fleet

The Ghost Fleet (also known as the Battle with The Burning Blade) was one of the World Events in Sea of Thieves Adventure Mode, indicated by the ghostly head of Flameheart in the skies. A Ghost Fleet can appear around any Large Island in the three main Regions of the Sea of Thieves. The Ghost Fleet rewards players with a handful of Ghostly Treasure as well as a Cannonball Crate of the Damned with Ghostly Cannonballs inside.

Flameheart's Head above an Island.

The World Event[]

Ghost Fleets are one of the rotating World Events. A Ghost Fleet is indicated by Flameheart's ghostly head appearing above a Large Island in the skies. The chosen Island will be circled by a Fleet of Ghost Ships. Flameheart will start taunting Crews when they get close to the World Event. When a World Event is not present, the Kraken appears to attack a single Ship. If a Ghost Fleet is not present, Players will have to first complete the currently active World Event to have a chance for the Fleet to appear. If no World Event clouds are present, the Crew might have to sail into open waters to summon the Kraken before Events switch.

Ghost Fleets appear around a Large Island in one of the three main Regions.

The Battle[]

Once Player Crews get close enough to the Large Island below Flameheart, he will start taunting them and a Title Card indicates the activation of the event. Flameheart has different taunts for different types of Players and Crews. The Ghost Fleet consists of four Waves.

First Wave[]

The first wave sees Players take on Grunt Ghost Ships that circle the Island. They act like any Ghost Ships, sailing in a set trajectory, shooting nearby Ships with Ghostly Cannonballs and leaving behind Ghost Mines if ahead of any Ships. A Ghost Ship sailing through a Player Crew's Ship will deal significant damage to the Ship's Hull, but leave Players unharmed. Each Grunt Ghost Ship takes 3 hits of any type of Cannonball to dissipate in an explosion that knocks any vessels back. Some defeated Grunt Ships can leave behind ghostly Storage Crates of the Damned with Cannonballs and Wooden Planks in them. Any Ghostly Treasure is indicated by floating Wraiths. The first wave is over after 7 Grunt Ships have been defeated.

Second Wave[]

After 7 Grunt Ships have been defeated, all the Ghost Ships enter portals, and two Ghost Captain Ships with the Sails of the Ashen Dragon ships with defending Grunt Ships sail out instead. The Ashen Dragon Ships act identically to Grunt Ships, however they are sturdier and take 10 Cannon hits to dissipate. The wave is over when Players take down both of the Ashen Dragon Ships, that each drop an assortment of Ghostly Treasure.

Third Wave[]

The third wave is identical to the first wave, requiring Players to take down 7 Grunt Ships again.

Final Wave[]

In the final wave, Flameheart's own ship, the Burning Blade will appear along with two Ashen Dragon Captain Ships. All the Captain Ships have Grunt Ships protecting their sides. The Ghost Fleet is considered complete when the Burning Blade is destroyed, however Players can also choose to take out the supporting Ashen Dragon Ships for more Treasure. Flameheart's Ship is the most visible of them all and takes a total of 24 Cannon hits to defeat.


The Rewards of the Ghost Fleet can vary, depending on how many Grunt Ships dropped Storage Crates of the Damned and how many Ashen Dragon Ships the Crews took down.

Each Ashen Dragon Ship will drop:

The Burning Blade itself will drop:

The Cannonball Crate of the Damned is the only way to acquire Ghostly Cannonballs for your own use. The Wraith Cannonballs found inside are like miniature projectile Gunpowder Kegs that leave more than 1 hole of Hull damage and knocks back the victim's ship on impact.

The Ghostly Crates can be sold to the Merchant Alliance, the Skulls to the Order of Souls and the Chests to the Gold Hoarders, or they can all be sold to the Reaper's Bones instead.


Throughout the battle, Flameheart himself will be present, continuously taunting any Crews that get too close. Curiously, Flameheart also taunts any Skeleton Ships that enter or leave or sink in the area.

Flameheart's Taunts

When a Ship Approaches the Fleet

A ship approaches... I see you, little vessel.
Before you lies the vanguard of my fleet...
Spectral vessels that I have summoned from the Sea of the Damned itself!
When my armada is assembled, we shall burn our way across the Sea of Thieves...
...obliterating anyone who dares stand against us.
I suggest you turn back now and savour the time you have left.
Unless, that is, you wish to experience the true might...
...of Captain Flameheart!

~ ~ ~

My Keep at the Heart of Fire... My Ashen Lords...
...all are merely facets of a greater plan for this world!
Your self-righteous obstinance is proof enough that the Sea of Thieves is infested...
...with 'honour' and 'sacrifice'. DISEASED!
The fires I shall bring will purify the waves. I shall reign above an empire of flame!
And for my first decree... I ORDER YOUR ANNIHILATION!

~ ~ ~

Why have you chosen to stand against me?
Do you believe that you are more deserving than I?
Better-suited to impose your will upon the seas?
That you alone know 'how things should be'?
You know NOTHING! I have walked beyond the veil, and it gave me...

When a Crew of Pirate Legends approaches the Fleet

• Ah, the Pirate Lord's puppets have arrived!
• It seems that Pirate Legends wish to challenge me!
• Well, well... So-called "Pirate Legends..." HA!

General Taunts

• You think you're worthy of facing me?
• You sail only as long as I wish it!
• I expected more resistance.
• The waves are mine to command!
• I'm just getting started!
• You call this bravery? I call it stupidity!
• Was that it?
• Can you match my strength?
• Don't you realise you're outnumbered?
• All that you see is under my control!
• You would do well to avoid me!
• How much longer can you last out here?
• My galleons will overwhelm you!
• You're no match for me!
• Let's see you handle this!
• Is this your first time at the helm?
• You won't last forever!
• You dare defy me?!
• I'll show you no mercy!
• You'll tire soon enough...
• Tremble at the might of Flameheart!
• Your kind cannot board MY vessels!
• We shall attack as one!
• Do your worst!
• Your weapons are weak!

Later Stage Taunts

• You're starting to annoy me.
• Surely you don't expect to triumph?
• Surely you don't expect to win?
• The time for games is over!
• Your supplies must be dwindling by now!
• This isn't going as planned....
• I'm losing my patience...
• Your luck is about to run out!
• I'm amazed you've survived this long.
• I've been complacent, but no longer!
• Surely you realise this is a lost cause?
• I was born to rule the Sea of Thieves!

At the start of the Boss wave

• You fought hard, but the battle ends here!
• This skirmish shall end with my Burning Blade!
• To me, my Burning Blade!
• Ah-ha! My flagship has arrived!
• My pride and joy, here at last!

Boss Stage Taunts

• This can't be happening!
• I'll finish this once and for all!
• It's time to end this!
• ENOUGH! Leave, now, or be destroyed!
• Your suffering shall know NO bounds!
• You will regret this insult!
• How? HOW can you still be alive?
• I refuse to be defeated by YOU!
• You've signed your own death sentence!
• Keep your distance, fool!
• I'll tear your world apart!
• So many ways I can kill you...
• I'll never surrender. NEVER!

When his Ghost Ships are defeated

• Too many losses, I-- I don't understand!
• I need more ships!
• I shall sink you in kind!
• Insolent Wretch!
• How can this be?!
• NO! Cease this at once!
• Another ship destroyed?!
• Barely a scratch!
• I am tired of your interference!
• Go ahead, waste your supplies!
• What is one ship to me? I have so many....
• A glancing blow...
• I'll strike back twice as hard!
• I'm not beaten yet!
• This is far from over!
• The odds are still in my favour!
• With each loss, I grow more determined!
• Enjoy your victory while you can!
• That accomplished nothing...
• Is that the best you can do?
• That was only the beginning!
• My forces are crumbling!
• This wasn't supposed to happen!
• That's the last ship I'll lose to you!
• I will never admit defeat!
• Where are my defenses?!
• [Furious, frustrated roar]

When new Ghost Ships appear

• A new ship... Excellent!
• Another new arrival...
• My fleet grows stronger...
• I have whole fleets at my command!
• Come forth and fight for me!
• The might of my forces increases!
• The Sea of the Damned provides...
• If a ship falls, another shall take its place!
• I need no shipwright to replenish my vessels.

When his ships hit you

• A direct hit!
• An excellent shot!
• You're mine!
• There's no escape!
• Good... Good!
• There's more where that came from!
• I'm unstoppable!
• I'll drown you all!
• Keep firing!
• I'll reduce you to ashes!
• Let's see you burn!
• Face my flames!
• Something's burning...
• Feel the heat of war!
• Feel your vessel quake!
• There will be nothing left of you but splinters!

When a Ship leaves the area

• I knew it! Not pirates, but cowards....
• Decided to live a little longer? How wise...
• So, you do possess a survival instinct!
• Run and hide, you fools! Ha ha ha!
• Ha ha ha! That's it, turn and flee!
• Ha ha ha!

When returning to the area

• Back for more? As you wish...
• You've returned! How stubborn you are.
• You don't know when to give up!
• Things won't be any different this time!

After defeating the Burning Blade

• Savour this while you can... Until we meet again!
• Noooo, my beautiful galleon!
• I choose to withdraw... FOR NOW!
• The Burning Blade has fallen?! IMPOSSIBLE!
• My ship... You... You... CURSE YOU!
• This is a temporary setback... I shall return!
• My flagship destroyed?! Noooo!
• Enjoy your victory, little vessel... Until next time!


Patch history[]

  • 2.4.2 (February 10, 2022)
    • Removed World Event.
  • 2.0.16 (June 17, 2020)
    • Introduced.