Gilded Hoard Voyage

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Gilded Hoard Voyage
Gilded Gold Hoarder Voyage.png
Type Mercenary Voyage
Company Bilge Rats icon.png Bilge Rats
Cost Doubloon.png

The Gilded Hoard Voyage is one of the four time-limited Gilded Mercenary Voyages. Gilded Voyages are generally available once per year and players can only choose one of the four per one account. These Voyages are lucrative, providing players with countless top tier Treasure for a select Trading Company.

The Voyage[edit | edit source]

The Gilded Hoard Voyage is a 1 Chapter Voyage with 8 X Marks the Spot Maps with varying amount of X's. Combined, these X's reveal on average around 40 Captain’s Chests.

Chapter 1