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Gilded Voyage of Legends
Gilded Voyage of Legends.png
Type Mercenary Voyage
Company Bilge Rats icon.png Bilge Rats
Cost Doubloon.png

Pirate Legend

The Gilded Voyage of Legends is one of the four time-limited Gilded Mercenary Voyages. Gilded Voyages are generally available once per year and players can only choose one of the four per one account. These Voyages are lucrative, providing players with countless top tier Treasure for a select Trading Companies. This Voyage is only available for purchase to players who have become Pirate Legends. Pirate Legends can put this Voyage down for crew members who are not Pirate Legends themselves.

The Voyage[]

The Gilded Voyage of Legends is a two chapter voyage centered around Lone Cove and Crook's Hollow.

Chapter 1[]

Chapter 2[]