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Glorious Sea Dog Set
Glorious Sea Dog Set.png
Type Cosmetic Set
Cost 584,250 Gold
Disambig.png This article is about the cosmetic set. For the Tavern run by the Sea Dogs, see The Glorious Sea Dog.

The Glorious Sea Dog Set is for those who want to show off their prowess and achievements at The Arena hosted by the Sea Dogs at The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern. Most of these Set pieces are locked behind different Sea Dogs Promotions and Commendations, and as such, are ideal for showing off your accomplishments or time spent duking it out with opposing Crews at The Arena Game mode. Glorious Sea Dog Set items are lavishly decorated with tones of Gold, Navy Blue, Royal Red and Laurel Green, making these items one of the most striking in game.


With the exception of the upgradable Cutlass and Blunderbuss skins that are unlocked via acquiring Promotions at the Sea Dogs Faction, every Glorious Sea Dog Set Item can be purchased from Shops. However, these set items are unique in that most of them have to be unlocked by earning Rank or Commendations with the Sea Dogs. The Equipment customization Skins are the only items that are unlocked from the very beginning. The Ship Set pieces are all unlocked after every 10 levels gained with the Sea Dogs. As for the Weapons, the Cutlass and Blunderbuss are the upgradable promotion rewards, whereas the Glorious Sea Dog Flintlock Pistol and the Glorious Sea Dog Eye of Reach have to be unlocked by earning Commendations, which require 200 kills with the respective weapon in Arena matches. Similarly, the four Clothing and Vanity items are unlocked by earning a Commendation for placing in the top-three of a total of 100 Arena matches. Players acquire a unique Victorious Sea Dog Blunderbuss skin for free after earning the Legendary Sea Dog Commendation, which requires Pirate Legends to win a total of 240 Arena matches.

Set Components[]

The Glorious Sea Dog Set with Jacket.

The Glorious Sea Dog Set with Dress.

Clothing Items[]

These Items are unlocked after earning the Captain of Silvered Waters Commendation

  • Total Cost: 51,400 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Glorious Sea Dog Belt.png
Glorious Sea Dog Belt 2,700 Gold Captain of Silvered Waters commendation Belt "Do you want your trousers to fall down mid-battle? Well, then."
Glorious Sea Dog Boots.png
Glorious Sea Dog Boots 2,700 Gold Captain of Silvered Waters commendation Boots "Fine boots for a victorious pirate, but do remember to wipe off the blood and grog."
Glorious Sea Dog Dress.png
Glorious Sea Dog Dress 10,800 Gold Captain of Silvered Waters commendation Dress "The Sea Dogs don't just fight - they fight with flair. This dress is a perfect example!"
Glorious Sea Dog Gloves.png
Glorious Sea Dog Gloves 2,700 Gold Captain of Silvered Waters commendation Gloves "Your hands bear the callouses of many a hard-won battle. Reward them with these fine gloves!"
Glorious Sea Dog Hat.png
Glorious Sea Dog Hat 13,600 Gold Captain of Silvered Waters commendation Hat "The perfect hat for a peacocking pirate. You've earned the right to show off, Sea Dog."
Glorious Sea Dog Jacket.png
Glorious Sea Dog Jacket 13,500 Gold Captain of Silvered Waters commendation Jacket "This resplendent red jacket is modelled on the attire of DeMarco Singh, founding Sea Dog!"
Glorious Sea Dog Trousers.png
Glorious Sea Dog Trousers 5,400 Gold Captain of Silvered Waters commendation Bottoms "There are very few tales of great, glorious pirates who didn't wear trousers. So... take a hint."

Vanity Items[]

This Item is unlocked after earning the Captain of Silvered Waters Commendation

  • Total Cost: 22,300 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Glorious Sea Dog Eyepatch.png
Glorious Sea Dog Eyepatch 6,100 Gold Captain of Silvered Waters commendation Eyepatch "You fought many rivals to earn this eyepatch... and after that many battles, you might need it."
Glorious Sea Dog Hook.png
Glorious Sea Dog Hook 8,100 Gold Captain of Silvered Waters commendation Hook "Crafted in the feathered style of Sea Dogs, this hook shows that you win against the odds."
Glorious Sea Dog Pegleg.png
Glorious Sea Dog Pegleg 8,100 Gold Captain of Silvered Waters commendation Pegleg "Glorious deeds, heroic battles and daring manoeuvres inevitably come with a risk of loss of limb."

Equipment Items[]

These Items are can be purchased by everyone at any Equipment Shop.

  • Total Cost: 42,950 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Glorious Sea Dog Banjo.png
Glorious Sea Dog Banjo 4,000 Gold n/a Banjo "Shame you can’t duel with banjos. Right...?"
Glorious Sea Dog Bucket.png
Glorious Sea Dog Bucket 3,950 Gold n/a Bucket "Don't expect this to stay pristine. You'll have plenty of water to bail as a Sea Dog..."
Glorious Sea Dog Compass.png
Glorious Sea Dog Compass 3,950 Gold n/a Compass "Find your way back home after a long night of celebrating in the Arena tavern!"
Glorious Sea Dog Concertina.png
Glorious Sea Dog Concertina 4,000 Gold n/a Concertina "Share a shanty to turn your foes into friends after a tough contest."
Glorious Sea Dog Drum.png
Glorious Sea Dog Drum 4,000 Gold n/a Drum "A steady beat will help your crewmates work together and seize victory!"
Glorious Sea Dog Hurdy-Gurdy.png
Glorious Sea Dog Hurdy-Gurdy 4,000 Gold n/a Hurdy-Gurdy "This elegant hurdy bears the colours of the Sea Dogs. Play it with pride!"
Glorious Sea Dog Lantern.png
Glorious Sea Dog Lantern 2,650 Gold n/a Lantern "A useful tool, but also a great way to accidently get spotted by your rivals."
Glorious Sea Dog Pocket Watch.png
Glorious Sea Dog Pocket Watch 3,950 Gold n/a Pocket Watch "Never miss a contest again. You wouldn't want to forfeit, would you?"
Glorious Sea Dog Shovel.png
Glorious Sea Dog Shovel 2,600 Gold n/a Shovel "Digs up treasure chests just in time for your rivals to show up and steal them!"
Glorious Sea Dog Spyglass.png
Glorious Sea Dog Spyglass 5,350 Gold n/a Spyglass "A true Sea Dog takes every advantage in a contest, including being first to spot the prize."
Glorious Sea Dog Tankard.png
Glorious Sea Dog Tankard 1,250 Gold n/a Tankard "Raise a toast to your rivals while sharing an all-important after-contest grog!"
Glorious Sea Dog Trumpet.png
Glorious Sea Dog Trumpet 3,250 Gold n/a Speaking Trumpet "Make sure your fellow Sea Dogs hear your orders in the thick of the chase."


These are either unlocked via Commendations or earning Promotions with the Sea Dogs.

  • Total Cost: 47,800 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Esteemed Sea Dog Cutlass.png
Esteemed Sea Dog Cutlass 2,800 Gold
35 35
Cutlass "Sea dogs always fight with style! This eyecatching cutlass for an esteemed pirate ensures that."
Famed Sea Dog Blunderbuss.png
Famed Sea Dog Blunderbuss 2,100 Gold
30 30
Blunderbuss "Ah, the extra flourish of a pirate with a big head! But as a famed Sea Dog, you've earned it."
Glorious Sea Dog Eye of Reach.png
Glorious Sea Dog Eye of Reach 13,400 Gold Deadeye Sea Dog commendation Eye of Reach "When you hit a target from another island, the hard part is making sure you still get the credit."
Glorious Sea Dog Flintlock Pistol.png
Glorious Sea Dog Flintlock Pistol 13,400 Gold Sharpshooting Sea Dog commendation Pistol "A classic weapon for duels and contests of skill. Master this and all else will follow."
Legendary Sea Dog Blunderbuss.png
Legendary Sea Dog Blunderbuss 3,500 Gold
50 50
Blunderbuss "The proud Lesedi designed this legendary blunderbuss. You've earned your place in our Arena."
Lowly Sea Dog Blunderbuss.png
Lowly Sea Dog Blunderbuss 700 Gold
10 10
Blunderbuss "We can offer lowly Sea Dogs a basic blunderbuss that looks smart... and smarts when it hits!"
Measly Sea Dog Cutlass.png
Measly Sea Dog Cutlass 700 Gold
5 5
Cutlass "The measly starter sword of a fighting Sea Dog, just sharp enough to get you through a fight."
Notable Sea Dog Cutlass.png
Notable Sea Dog Cutlass 1,400 Gold
15 15
Cutlass "Our notable Sea Dogs get these stronger swords, because there's always a stronger rival."
Notorious Sea Dog Cutlass.png
Notorious Sea Dog Cutlass 3,500 Gold
45 45
Cutlass "The notorious DeMarco himself would be proud to peacock with this ostentatious cutlass!"
Prominent Sea Dog Blunderbuss.png
Prominent Sea Dog Blunderbuss 1,400 Gold
20 20
Blunderbuss "You've gained prominence, so we're offering you a blunderbuss more worthy of a Sea Dog"
Renowned Sea Dog Cutlass.png
Renowned Sea Dog Cutlass 2,100 Gold
25 25
Cutlass "You've proven your worth in our Arena, so give your sword some Sea Dog flourish!"
Revered Sea Dog Blunderbuss.png
Revered Sea Dog Blunderbuss 2,800 Gold
40 40
Blunderbuss "Your gun is now as colourful as your feared and revered reputation in the Arena!"
Victorious Sea Dog Blunderbuss.png
Victorious Sea Dog Blunderbuss
Legendary Sea Dog commendation
Blunderbuss "A blunderbuss this fine is reserved for someone who never misses. Congratulations!"

Ship Components[]

With the exception of the Flag, these are all unlocked via earning Promotions with the Sea Dogs.

  • Total Cost: 419,800 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Glorious Sea Dog Cannon.png
Glorious Sea Dog Cannon 69,550 Gold
40 40
Cannons "The famous colourful cannons of the Sea Dogs, as accurate as a pistol, in the right hands."
Glorious Sea Dog Capstan.png
Glorious Sea Dog Capstan 69,550 Gold
20 20
Capstan "This smart-looking capstan befits a crew of disciplined, brave fighters... but it's yours now!"
Glorious Sea Dog Figurehead.png
Glorious Sea Dog Figurehead 69,550 Gold
50 50
Figurehead "This figurehead tells everyone that you're a Sea Dog... it's practically inviting trouble!"
Glorious Sea Dog Flag.png
Glorious Sea Dog Flag 2,500 Gold n/a Flags "The flag of the Sea Dogs; a symbol of honour, pride and fighting spirit."
Glorious Sea Dog Hull.png
Glorious Sea Dog Hull 69,550 Gold
10 10
Hull "A lick of red and blue paint turns a common brawler into a proud duelist!"
Glorious Sea Dog Sail.png
Glorious Sea Dog Sail 69,550 Gold
5 5
Sails "The crossed swords of the Sea Dogs, for pirates who take pride in their prowess."
Glorious Sea Dog Wheel.png
Glorious Sea Dog Wheel 69,550 Gold
30 30
Wheel "A pirate can be both devilish and dignified, with a wheel like this to lead from."


Patch history[]

  • 2.0
    • Introduced.
    • Added the Glorious Sea Dog ship set, equipment, Eye of Reach, and Flintlock Pistol into their respective shops.
    • Added the Glorious Sea Dog Jacket, Hat, Gloves, Hook into the General Clothing Shop.
    • Added the Cutlass and Blunderbuss as promotion purchases for the Sea Dogs.