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SOT E3 2016 GoldPile.png
Type Currency
Location Worldwide

Gold is the primary form of Currency in Sea of Thieves that is used to buy all of the standard cosmetic Items and Voyages as well as Promotions for each Company. Gold can be spent at Shops or Companies found at Outposts and Seaposts.

Earning Gold[]

Gold can be acquired through various means:


The main purpose of Gold is to buy Cosmetics skins for Items from Shops: Shipwright Shop for components, Weaponsmith's Shop for weaponry, Equipment Shop for equipment and tools, General Clothing Shop for clothing and vanity, the Athena's Fortune Hideout for excusive Pirate Legend cosmetics. The Seapost Traders will offer 3 random items from the general Outpost shops.

The Black Market previously contained a Gold shop with Voyages and exclusive Cosmetics available for purchase. These Cosmetics can now be found at their respective Outpost shops.

Gold can also be spent on Voyages, Upgradable Cosmetics and Promotions from the various Trading Companies: Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, Merchant Alliance, The Hunter's Call, Sea Dogs, Athena's Fortune.


  • During the time that the Arena game mode was available, players could earn 2,000-6,000 Gold (depending on placement) upon completion of a match.