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Gold Hoarder's Skull
Gold Hoarder's Skull.png
Type Bounty Skull
Location Tribute Peak
Company Order of Souls icon.png Order of Souls
Sell to Madames or
The Servant of the Flame
Source Shores of Gold (Quest) icon.png Shores of Gold (Quest)
Base Gold Reward 10,000 Gold

The Gold Hoarder's Skull is a type of Bounty Skull in Sea of Thieves. This Skull is the reward for defeating Gold Hoarder, the Skeleton Lord, at the end of the 9th Tall Tale, "Shores of Gold (Quest)". Bounty Skulls are cursed remains of Skeleton Captains that hold memories and secrets of their past lives. These memories can be extracted by Order of Souls Madames on every Outpost. As these memories are valuable, they are willing to buy the Skulls for Gold and Reputation.

Where to Find[]

The Gold Hoarder's Skull can only be received as a reward for killing the Gold Hoarder. The Gold Hoarder is the final Skeleton Lord boss of the Shores of Gold Tall Tale. Therefore the Skull is a reward for finishing the Tall Tale.


The Gold Hoarder's Skull can be sold to:

This item is a special case as it does not reward any reputation or Emissary value.


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Pirate Chat[]

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