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Gold Hoarders Fishing Rod
Gold Hoarders Fishing Rod.png
Type Fishing Rod
Set Gold Hoarders
Location Equipment Chest
Cost 86,400 Gold.png
Commendation(s) Hunter of Wreckers

The Gold Hoarders Fishing Rod is a Fishing Rod variant in Sea of Thieves.
The Gold Hoarders Fishing Rod functions identically to other Fishing Rod versions, providing only a unique appearance.


The Gold Hoarders Fishing Rod is purchased from the Equipment Chest, but requires:

In-game description

"Supposedly created by a confused Gold Hoarder who wanted to catch goldfish in order to extract the ore."


  • The Gold Hoarders Fishing Rod was rewarded during the Festival of Fishing by completing 6 weekly challenges before becoming available for purchase in the Equipment Shop.


Patch history[]