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Gold Hoarder Voyage
Type Voyages
Company Gold Hoarders icon.png Gold Hoarders

Gold Hoarder Voyages are a collection of Gold Hoarder Quests in Sea of Thieves that Player Crews can purchase from the Hoarders. Every Gold Hoarders Trading Company Representative on Outposts sells Gold Hoarder Voyages. The cost, difficulty and rewards of the Voyages are dependent on the Player's Reputation acquired Promotions with the Company.

All purchased Voyages need to be voted on by the whole Crew at the Voyage Table. Active Voyages can be cancelled by voting to cancel the voyage at the table. Only one Voyage can be active at one time.

Types of Gold Hoarder Voyages[]

There are two types of Gold Hoarder Voyages: Treasure Map Voyages and Wayfinder Voyages.

Treasure Map Voyages[]

Treasure Map Voyages are the basic Voyages of Gold Hoarders, giving Player Crews one or more X Marks the Spot Map and/or Riddle Map Quests that lead to Gold Hoarders Treasure items that can then be sold back to the Hoarders for Gold, Reputation and Emissary Value. The Treasure Maps lead players to Islands with X's, which uncover the burial spots of Treasure Chests. Riddle Maps lead players to a Large Island with a 2-4 line riddle. The Riddles take players to specific landmarks on the island and require them to perform an action with the Map, their Lantern or Instruments. The final riddle will denote the exact location of a Collector's Chest a certain number of steps away from a landmark. The Collector's Chest will have Gold and Artefacts inside. These Voyages are counted complete when all the Map Quests have been used up and all the Treasure dug up.

Ashen Voyages[]

Players can purchase Devil's Roar region specific Ashen Gold Hoarders Voyages at Morrow's Peak Outpost that lead players to Ashen versions of Gold Hoarders Treasure throughout the Islands in the Roar.

Wayfinder Voyages[]

Wayfinder Voyages are unlocked for Pirates who have acquired the level 25 Promotion with the Hoarders and lead players on the hunt for a Treasure Vault Key. These Voyages give players a Wayfinder Compass that leads them towards buried Torn Map Parchments. These Parchments are pieces of a Torn Treasure Map that hides the burial location of the Vault Key. The Parchments are guarded by Gold Hoarder Skeletons who have a chance to drop Artefacts upon defeat. The Treasure Vault Key can be taken back to the Hoarders and sold for Gold, Reputation and Emissary Value, or it can be used to locate a matching Gold Hoarders Treasure Vault. The Treasure Vault has numerous piles of Gold, Treasure Chests and Artefacts inside, but is open for a limited time. The Vault contains a Pillar Puzzle, which unlocks the door to a valuable Chest of Ancient Tributes.

Gold Hoarders Emissary Quests[]

A Gold Hoarders Emissary Quest can be claimed from any Gold Hoarders NPC after a Crew has reached the maximum Emissary Grade Rank as Gold Hoarders Emissaries. These Quests are similar to a Treasure Map Voyage, offering Crews 4 X Marks the Spot Maps with 5 Captain’s Chest buried on each Island. Only one Emissary Quest can be claimed per Crew per Emissary session.