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Gold Skeleton
Type Skeleton

The Gold Skeleton is a variant of skeleton found in the Sea of Thieves. They do not spawn regularly on islands and can only be found as part of Order of Souls bounty voyages, in waves on a skull fort or on the deck of a skeleton ship. They are hardier than the regular skeletons, slower moving and rust in water.


Gold Skeletons spawn in waves as part of an assault on a skull fort or during Order of Souls bounty voyages. They are tougher and slower than other types, as well as resistant to sword attacks. Most free-roaming skeleton ships have Gold Skeletons on their top deck. They take approximately half damage from attacks when they are not rusted over. Like all other variants of skeleton, they can spawn with a cutlass, bare hands, a pistol, an Eye of Reach or a blunderbuss, and they can eat bananas to recover their health.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • A bucket of water, rain or standing in the water will cause the Gold Skeleton to rust, slowing them even more and causing them to take increased damage from attacks. They will be covered in a brown, crusty rust while this condition persists. It takes one bucket of water to "rust over" a Gold Skeleton.
  • Eye of Reach carrying Gold Skeletons in groups can be the most difficult set to deal with, as they move slowly and can fire from a great distance, making them difficult to lead to the water's edge. Use line of sight around boulders and other obstacles to get them to move.
  • Even more so than with the other skeleton types, the Gunpowder Barrel or a well positioned ship with Cannons to fire on them can be very effective at speeding up a fight with Gold Skeletons.
  • Gold Skeletons take reduced damage from the cutlass and hitting one with the cutlass interrupts your combo. That said, continuously hitting one with a cutlass will still interrupt their attempts to discharge a firearm and will eventually kill them.
  • They make a distinctive clanking sound while walking, making them easy to distinguish by sound.
  • If there is no water readily available, a well placed fire bomb will be effective as well, as they do not move quickly. While this may be slower than using your cutlass, its overall safer for the skeletons equipped for melee or with blunderbusses.


Gold Skeleton Commendations
Name Requirement Reward
Gold Skeleton Exploder Kill 3 Gold Skeletons at the same time by shooting a gunpowder skeleton, 3 times Doubloon.png
Master Gold Skeleton Exploder Kill 3 Gold Skeletons at the same time by shooting a gunpowder skeleton, 10 times 10 Doubloon.png

Note: There are multiple other commendations which these skeletons can contribute to, for which it does not matter that they are Gold Skeletons. For example: As Gold Skeletons can spawn with gunpowder barrels on Skull Forts, they can contribute toward the Chain Reaction and Gunpowder Plot commendations. Also, the Flame of Cursed Bones commendation can be completed by dying to one of these and fetching the flame from the Ferry of the Damned. Likewise, these can be killed while under the influence of green-colored Cursed Cannonballs to get the commendations related to doing that.


  • The Gold Skeleton was introduced during the Launch Livestream.
  • There are story elements in the out-of-game books and comics and in the game which seem to imply that the Gold Skeletons may have something to do with the 'affliction' of gold which can be seen spreading over the members of the Gold Hoarders.